Friday, January 18, 2019

Road to Waaaghpaca 2019

Hey Everyone!  Waaaghapaca 2019 is only a week away and today I wanted to share what I have done to prepare for the event as well as the army I am taking to the event.  It took a while for my excitement for the event to truly ramp up, but it has fully kicked in and were a week ago I was dreading the 11-hour drive I am now less stressed about it and just stocking up on a few audiobooks to get me through.  After the drive, it will be a weekend of fun with some friends rolling dice!  I am also planning on doing a lot of coverage of my time at the event over on my Instagram.  The platform is great for quick snippets from the day's events so be sure to head over there and follow me so you don't miss a single moment of the fun!

I am taking a very different list to the event and after you take a glance at it below your first question will likely be. "Only 30 Witch Aelves?  What's wrong with you Chuck?!!"  There is a reason for the low number of Witch Aelves and it is not because I have suddenly revered coarse on my love of the unit.  The event has set a requirement that all units of 20+ models have movement trays and I personally don't like using them myself in Age of Sigmar.  The requirement presented a unique challenge for myself and my typical Daughters of Khaine lists.  I took some time to consider my goals for the event to decide on a list.

I am not looking for a podium place, nor am I trying to have the coolest looking army at the event.  My goal for going originally was that it was an excuse to go see some good friends and make some more along the way.  After I let that sink in and realized that remains my primary motivation for going I felt a bit of liberation and saw an opportunity to run a list that might not do well, but had a bunch of fun toys to push around!  I am looking forward to seeing how well I can do with it, but I am not concerned with how my record for the event turns out.  It is going to be a fun time no matter what happens!

I also saw some opportunity to grow my armies lore with the event as well.  The story of The Tayrathian Cult has been being shaped all year through the many events I have attended whether the event was narrative or match play focused.  Waaaghpaca will be no different as Morathi finally tries to solve the little issue with the Reincarnation of Tayrathi knowing the truth about Khaine.  Will Morathi successfully quiet the usurper or will Tayrathi find a way to continue her rebellion?

While I am using the event as an excuse to grow my narrative I am not planning on playing in a narrative style so if we meet a the table you can expect these Cauldrons to be coming right at you with the avatars chopping long as I successfully activate them!

The event is also asking everyone to bring some army inspired objective markers along with their army.  I really enjoy small projects like this as it is simple, quick, and gives you something fun to use in your games.  After diving into my bits I  feel pleased with the three objectives I created.  here is hoping one of them can get a few votes on the "Best Objective" voting!

That last bit of preparation has been looking at how my list will play each of the possible scenarios we might play.  As I said I do not feel this list will be competitive, but that doesn't mean I am not planning on giving my opponents the best game I can by bringing my best game possible.  While a lot of scenarios will be an uphill battle there are a few I believe I can pull out a win or two depending on the matchup.

Writing out notes on how my army works with the scenarios was a big help for me at the recent Rend 4 and it is something I have adopted as part of my regular event prep.  It helps me stay focused on a plan of attack while enjoying the game and the time with my opponent more thoroughly.  

In a last minute bit of fun, I have also officially ben grudged for the event!  I feel like I am getting the whole Waaaghpaca experience and I am very excited to have a game with Brice!  Tayrathi is coming for you sir so be ready!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see all the fun from the event as it happens!  Have no fear as I will do an event wrap up post after I am home so you can also check out how my list got on at the table.  Until next week, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore