Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Hobby Table 1-22-19

Happy Tuesday everyone!  If you missed my Twitter and Instagram post yesterday you might have been wondering what happened to my Monday Community All-Gates post.  As you may recall I have been looking at my content schedule and future changes to what I put out.  This week begins the first change were I scale back the blog a bit to twice a week in order to free up more time for more YouTube content and my upcoming Podcast.  You can now expect regular blog posts on Tuesday and Thursday.  Tuesday will be either a Hobby Table post or a Community All-Gates post and the Thursday slot will, for th emost part, be my usual Editorial and or opinion pieces that have traditionally been on Friday.  This is only the start of some great things on the way!

Now on to this past week's Hobby!  With Waaaghpac 2019 only a few days away I was happy to have been challenged by my good friend Matt to a 2000pt Matched Play game.  Matt was eager to begin testing a mixed Duradin list for Adepticon and I wanted to get a practice game in with my list I am taking to Waaaghpaca.  We chose Starstrike as our mission and deployed for a very enjoyable game.

For the first few rounds, Matt had a clear upper hand as we duked it out while I learned how to run my beloved Daughters of Khaine in an MSU (multiple Small Units) style of play.  I felt every wound but after a key Kraith roll to let one of my 10 strong Witch Aelf units attack a second time I was able to secure an objective well outside of Matt's ability to move towards and retake in the remaining rounds.  We ended the gaming session by tweaking Matt's list a bit for our next game and I was happy to see that while my list is unorthodox and very different from what I typically play I still have a decent chance at taking a win or two with it.

With my army painted, test, and packed for Waaaghpaca I decided to get an early jump on my painting for Adepticon this past week.  As you can guess my desk is full of Witch Aelves.  With the snow flying outside I opted to move out of my cold basement for the day and paint at my PC gaming desk and catch up on some YouTube Fitness Vlogs I follow as I painted.  It was a splendid way to spend part of my day and really allowed me to rest my mind and body.  I was feeling very beat up after my week at the gym and a nice few days of rest really paid off!

The only other bit of hobby I tackled this past week was writing out my reference guide and game plan for Waaaghpaca.  I broke down all the details for my list so I don't miss anything as well as planned out how I will attack each Scenario and what I should do in each of the Realms.  It turned out to be a mighty four pages, but I have really taken to doing this homework before an event.  I was inspired to do this by The Honest Wargamer's Workbook and this new way of preparing helped me do very well at the recent Rend 4 competitive Two-Day event.  I feel good going into the games this weekend and with everything written out, I can focus on having a good time and giving my opponent a great game instead of flipping through my book.

I hope your week has been a good one and if you are coming to Waaaghpaca I really look forward to meeting you!  I will see you all Thursday and until then, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore