Thursday, March 7, 2019

Steel City Sigmar: February 2019 Team Event

Hey Everyone!  A few weeks back I attended one of the event days for one of my local clubs, Steel City Sigmar.  It was a one-day team event where everyone was paired up randomly in order to help everyone meet new players.  I got to play a bit with some units and rules I typically don't use which always makes for a fun day tactically and I ended up having a great partner to really make the day fantastic.  The event itself was a great bit of fun as everyone duked it out over three games and today I want to share my games and overall experience with you in today’s post.

For the event, I wanted to begin exploring aspects of the Daughters of Khaine I haven’t really focused on as of yet.  As you know I love my Witch Aelves and playing The Kraith Temple, but I left those trusted tools at home.  While I was unsure how well my list would perform my overall goal for the event was to learn the list as much as possible throughout my games while still playing to my highest level.  The list ended up pairing nicely with my randomly chosen partner Ben and his Spiderfang army.  Ben’s list was strong in the magic phase but low in model count which I was able to make up for with my Sisters of Slaughter.  With objectives only possible to be claimed while both teammates had a unit on it we worked up a general plan and headed into the games.

The first game saw Ben and I paired up with Okami and Wes who had the new Skaven Battletome and Sylvaneth in Knife to the Heart.  Both sides played very defensively in the early rounds, but eventually Ben and I made our move to go for the win.  We were primed to take out the heart of Wes and Okami’s armies, but due more than a few failed charges, our opponents were able to react in the following round.  We ended up drawing on the scenario objective and when we calculated our Kill points we had a closer game their any of us thought.  However, Wes and Okami pulled out the Minor win with 50 more Killpoints!  Ben and I felt confident heading into round 2 as our armies worked nicely in concert and were excited to continue developing our strategy.

The second game put Ben and me against Ed and Chris in Duality of Death.  Ed was running a Squig Heavy Gloomspite army while Chris had a Minotaur heavy Beasts of Chaos force.  Ben and I immediately saw our chance to take the game early by killing off the weaker Goblin Heroes.  We executed our plan, but due to some less than stellar dice rolling and some clutch rolls by Ed our plan failed spectacularly, but undeterred we enacted plan B and settled in for a longer game than we initially thought.  I was surprised by just how hard Minotaurs hit, but we managed to hang on to our lead throughout the next five rounds to claim a Major Victory.

We went into the final game of the day sitting pretty well due to our Major Win and Minor Loss as everyone else during the first round suffered Major losses.  I was happy to see our Match up was my friend Roger and his partner, Ian.  Roger was playing with the new Skaven while Ian was playing Slaanesh.  Our scenario was The Better Part of Valour and it stumped all of us in how to attack the issue.  Roger placed two of his Gnawholes in the corners by our objectives which neutered any ability to use my Sisters of Slaughter as they had to sit back to deny his teleporting while holding the objectives.  The first few rounds were cagey at best, but at one point Roger pointed out the obvious by saying “Well, I came here to play Warhammer whether I win or lose!” before breaking the stalemate with some bold moves.  It really broke all of us out of mind game we had put ourselves in and the fun really began in earnest.  Dice were rolled and the game was exciting, but in the end Roger and Ian were the better generals and took the win.

It was a great event and I look forward to making back out to the Steel City Sigmar crew.  Ben was a great teammate and we had three wonderful games with fun-filled opponents all day.  While we didn't have the best record at the end of the event I was happy to have accomplished my goal of learning my lists insides and out.  I played with all my abilities and managed to remember all my rules easily enough while applying them to strong effect in my games.  I look forward to trying out more aspects of the book in events such as this in the coming year.

Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore