Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The Hobby Table 3-12-19

Hey everyone!  Today I wanted to catch you up on all the hobby I have been tackling recently.  A lot of it has been in preparation for Adepticon and some of the pickup games I have planned during the festivities.  Most of it, as you could guess, revolves around painting Witch Aelves.  It may come as a shock, but I am still enjoying painting these models and I am still considering taking the total number from 180 to 200 after these last thirty are completed.

I have set aside the entire week to paint in order to get the unit wrapped up early and relax a bit before heading out towards Chicago in a few weeks.  I have made good progress in the past few days and I am on track to have these done by this weekend without much issue.  This unit does have shields attached so it will make the progress a bit longer, but it will give me two full units of Witches with Shields to use in the future!

I was recently commissioned by my FLGS to help him paint a tabletop level Adeptus Custodes Army for one of his customers.  It had been a while since I painted anything 40k related, but the models painted up quick and I really enjoyed painting some simple armour.  I have a few Stormcast models I might tackle here soon, but I am also considering painting my Dark Angel army which I reprimed last year in order to get it to a tabletop level for the times I get to play in the 41st millennium.

The last bit of hobby was getting started on ten Sisters of Slaughter.  I currently have twenty painted with shields and I have been wanting to max the unit to a total of thirty.  I am aiming to have these done before Adepticon as well.  I don't plan on taking them to the event, but I find setting a time to have them done is a great way to motivate me to finish.

If you are preparing for Adepticon let me know int he comments below how your progress is coming along!  I hope to see you in Chicago in a few weeks and until later this week, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore