Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The Hobby Table 4-23-19

Hey Everyone!  There has been a lot of hobby since my last update with plenty of model build and games played.  Not to mention the fact that I will be attending Holy Havoc later this year alongside my good friend Matt.  I cannot tell you how excited I am to attend the U.S.’s best Narrative event and play on Steve's amazing tables.  The plans are in motion for the event and I am answering the call!

The models I had ordered online for my Realms at War Regiment of Renown arrived recently and I was eager to get to work on them.  While The Namarti Reaver and Sequitor Prime only needed a simple head swap I had much grander plans for the Khinerai I ordered required much more work and a fair amount of bravery to attempt my plan.  All in all, I am happy with how it turned out so far and I am planning to use the model as a Slaughter Queen after the regiment is complete and I am already working her tale into my broader army story.  While I am sad to not be attending Realms at War this year I am very much enjoying playing along at home as I #RAWFromAfar and I encourage all of you to join me!

I also built my sixth Cauldron I picked up at Adepticon in order to give me a total of two Slaughter Queens on Cauldron, two Hag Queens on Cauldron, and two Bloodwrack Shrines.  This also gave me my fourth Avatar of Khaine on Foot and I used the spare Slaughter Queen model to create yet another variant of Tayrathi to lead my force as her story continues to evolve throughout this year.

One very exciting event this past weekend was the month;y game day at my local club.  There was nothing special planned for the day other than some 2000pt games, but I really enjoyed rolling dice.  I was lucky enough to get two games in as well using my new Idoneth as well as my 210 Witch Aelf Horde list.  As you might recall I painted up the latest unit of Witch Aelves to use as Daemonettes...but that didn’t last long.  I rebased them and adjusted some of the paint to match them with my Daughters of Khaine army.  I plan to use their odd colouring in a bit of lore to explain why they are so different from my other Witch Aelves.

My first game, however, was with my Idoneth against Luis and his Skaven.  We played Focal points and it was a learning game for both of us as we each were using new armies.  I was very happy with how my Idoenth performed in this game.  I played for the objectives and managed to come away with a victory despite most of my army being decimated in the process.

My second game was with my mighty Witch Aelf Horde against Cole and his Bloodthirster heavy Khorne list.  With no Witch Brew to keep my units immune to battleshock I knew it was going to be interesting.  We chose Knife to the Heart in order to get right to the point of the slaughter.  Khorne did its blood work, but it simply could not kill enough of my models and while I took the Major Win it was a very bloody affair and it will be a game we recount far into the future.

With such a great game with my Daughters of Khaine I am very eager to play them even more, but I have heard the call of Slaanesh and the time is fast approaching.  I will answer that call and you can expect Tayrathi and my Daughters of Khaine to have their hands full as I begin the lore of my Keeper of Secrets based off the only person who could rightfully challenge Tayrathi.

Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore

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