Thursday, April 25, 2019

A Tale of Four Warlords: Three Club Challenge

Hey Everyone!  Today is a very special post as it involves a project I have been eager to do ever since my eyes first read about it in White Dwarf long ago.  I am talking about a Tale of Four Warlords (if the title didn't give it away)!  This has always been on my todo list and while I may never join in on one actually in White Dwarf Magazine I have always been eager to try this at home with some friends.  I felt the time was right and I presented the concept to my club and before I knew it a few other local clubs, Rend 4 and Steel City Sigmar, wanted to join in and the event now spans across all three clubs!  It will be a great way to help the clubs get to know each other better while creating some exciting hobby along the way.

When I originally presented the idea to my local club it was very well received.  I kept it pretty basic initially, but shortly after I posted it the leads of Rend 4 and Steel City Sigmar wanted to join in on the fun with their respective clubs.  After some reworking, we all put out the word that all three clubs would be joining in and that we planned to mix the club members up in the groups in order to promote a better community across all of our events.

Due to the type of event, there won't be any prize which is a bit unusual for events I set up as I really want to emphasise to be on the experience and journey of making the army.  That said each club will be holding a game day for the groups to meet to battle it out with our completed forces for bragging rights!

To help encourage a bit of friendly rivalry we are also planning on setting up a chat group to help keep people motivated over the event.  While we will still assign everyone to a specific group of four I think a large chat would be the best way to keep it all organized, but it might be fun to keep track of who completes their commitments first within their group and even track which groups are completing commitments the fastest as well!

The event begins in May where everyone has to complete a 550 point list (+ or - 50 points) by the end of the month.  The following month will see everyone adding a single Battleline unit to their army which can be the minimum or maximum size based on what they feel they can accomplish.  The third month will see everyone adding a single hero or any type to their army as well as a single allied unit or Endless spell.  During the final month, we will add any unit of our choosing before we head into battle for bragging rights!

While we are using points as a baseline to begin our armies we are not worrying about a minimum battleline or any other matched play requirements.  While some players will do this on their own others might be looking to create a true narrative army and both are encouraged in the event!  I plan on finishing my Sylvaneth I have been neglecting for some time now and the event really has me motivated to get them on my painting table!

While the groups of four are currently undecided as players continue to sign up I have set the initial group consisting of the leads from the various clubs.  Myself (Ligonier Legion), Neil Larocca (Rend 4), Mike Ryan (Steel City Sigmar), and Aaron Bostian (Victory Gamers) will be battling it out!  I will have my Sylvaneth, Neil has chosen Nurgle, Mike is bringing Idoneth, and Aaron will round out our group with Skaven!  It should be a great time and I plan to post progress every month for you all to enjoy!

If you like the format please feel free to use it amongst yourself or a group of friends and join along!  I am eager for May to get here so I can begin work on my models and I hope you are eager to see the event unfold.  If you do join in let me know in the comments below and until next week, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore