Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Hobby Table 4-30-19

Hey Everyone.  My hobby has been much more consistent these past few weeks which in turn means more Hobby Table posts for you!  Since last week I have painted quite a bit as well as setting up my hobby table for the next few months.  From Daughters of Khaine to Khorne to Stormcast and even Sylvaneth I have been prepping, painting, and updating!

The weather has finally been cooperative enough for me to prime a few models with rattle cans and I took advantage to get some primer on a few Stormcast Models and Endless Spells as well as some additions to my Khorne in the way of Terrain and Judgements.  While I am not sure when I will tackle these it is nice to have them ready to go when the mood strikes me.

As usual with a hobby update, I have painted some Daughters of Khaine.  I have completed a few more variants of my Tayrathi character to be used as a Hag Queen and Slaughter Queen respectively.  There was also a lone Slaughter Queen I quickly painted to add to my force.  I also had the urge to tackle my second Hag Queen on Cauldron and after a few hours, I was happily adding it to my collection.  What makes me most happy about this addition is knowing I only have one more Cauldron to paint to give me two of each type and bringing me another step closer to having all my Daughters of Khaine painted.

The most exciting bit of hobby I did this past week, however, was a bit unexpected even to me.  Over a year ago I painted an Autumn themed Sylvaneth force.  At the time I was happy with most of it, but recently I began wanting to add more to it but found myself a bit bored with the scheme.  In a busy, coffee-fueled, morning I repainted bits of the force to be more Spring using pastel colors.  I am very enthused by the change and already have the next items lined up which I will paint as part of the Tale of Four Warlords: Tri-Club challenge going on in my local area!  

Having quite a bit ahead of me, not to mention expanding my Slaanesh force, continuing work on my Realms at War Regiment, and all the NOVA terrain I have planned.  It is exciting and busy, but I am very excited about the challenge.  Speaking of Challenge the #StormcastStrong challenge will be beginning soon so keep an eye out for a post about it in case you have been missing out!  Until Thursday, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore