Tuesday, May 7, 2019

A Tale of Four Warlords: Three Club Challenge - Month 1

Hey Everyone!  Today I wanted to chat a bit more about the Tale of Four Warlords challenge happening between my local club, Ligonier Legion and the nearby clubs Rend 4 and Steel City Sigmar.  The event really took off and grabbed a lot of interest as we teased out snippets to the clubs, but we saw a last-minute influx the day the event began!  Since May began everyone is fervently working on their commitments of 500-600 points to start their new faction.

We had a large influx of last-minute additions as I mentioned above and it worked out well enough to group everyone up.  We have separated everyone into groups so that each group can fight for glory while also duking it out as a whole amongst the other groups.  It was very easy to use the Chaos God Names for each group.  You might have noticed a sixth group called Chaos Undivided as well.  This group will randomly mix in amongst the other groups to help shake things up as the event goes on and be a home for any latecomers.

I am using the event as motivation to paint up the remaining Sylvaneth models I have had sitting around for a while, starting with The Everqueen herself, Alarielle.  Continuing with the recent repainting of my army to a Spring theme I have kept the same palette as I paint up my commitment.  The Wardroth Beetle was a different challenge than what I have been used to, but I am pleased with the final result and I cannot wait to see Alarielle completed on top of it!

Beyond me, everyone has been working on their commitments and we even have a large group chat for everyone to talk and stay motivated.  The pictures have been coming in and they are always great to see as we all work towards our goal.

Check them out for yourself!

If you are working on a project be sure to share it with us in the comments and feel free to read my prior post about the event to see all the details.  Feel free to play along at home or get a group for friends together to do your own Tale of Four Warlords.  Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore