Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Putting Your Custom Character on The Tabletop

Hey Everyone!  A few days ago I managed to complete the fourth version of my custom Daughters of Khaine Hero, Tayrathi Swiftheart.  After I set the latest model on the shelf I really began to think about how fun it has been creating the characters model and telling her story through the many forms I have created over the past year.  Today I wanted to talk about how you can also kitbash and create your character(s) to lead your armies to their many victories.

My first version of Tayrathi was an extensive kitbash from a number of kits.  While this is a pretty deep pool to dive into it can create a truly unique model that is easily recognizable.  I really find this aspect to be a key point to helping me develop the character as everyone who played my army immediately looked for the kitbashed model, knowing that the battle would become a part of her ongoing story.

In order to create such a custom model I first had to find a design to base the model on.  This can be a piece of art you have found or created yourself.  I am not much of a sketch artist, but I knew I wanted to create a hero that was more armored than the current model range.  Thankfully I knew the exact reference picture(s).  Having been an avid player of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning I used the artwork of the Disciple of Khaine class as they embodied the feel of a worshipper of Khaine while wearing plenty of armor.  After diving into my bits box I was able to create the first version of Tayrathi.

As I mentioned above my opponents, who followed my blog or follow me on Social Media, began to recognize the model and either fear her presence or throw everything that had to take her off the battlefield.  Each encounter then shaped the model's story and it then gave me the idea to create other versions of the model.

These were much simpler in nature as they all began as a simple head swap and in one case a simple addition of an extra pair of Khinerai wings.  The key to how this has worked so well was the fact that each variation of Tayrathi all uses the same head bit.  That bit is also not found on any other model in my Daughters of Khaine army.  Using the body of a Hag Queen for one version and the Bloodwrack Medusa for another made for a quick and effective way to create a few of her other forms.  If you are just beginning to create a custom model to represent your hero, or even yourself, on the table then a simple head swap, and possibly a weapon swap, is the best place to begin.

If you are creating deep lore for your army then a custom character will go a long way in helping shape the armies story and firmly set it within the Mortal Realms.  However, even if you are a matched play focused person than creating a custom character to use for one of your heroes will give you a new investment in the games you play while allowing you to focus on winning your games!  Having done this project once for my Daughters of Khaine in the form of Tayrathi I am very excited to see what I am able to do in my second go at my second project as I create H’Ka’ty The Perverse to lead my Slaanesh army.  If you have created a custom character please share it with me as I would love to see what others are creating.  Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore