Thursday, July 11, 2019

A Tale of Four Warlords: Three Club Challenge - Month 3

Hey Eveyrone!  Today I wanted to give you another brief update to the ongoing Tale of Four Warlords: Tri-Club Challenge happening between the Steel City Sigmar, Rend 4, and Ligonier Legion clubs.  We are well into the third of our fourth month and there has been a large number of painted models coming out of the challenge.  The Slaanesh group took the top spot this month and kudos to Mike Ryan for painting the most points in the month  The groups are still very motivated so I expect a strong finish going into next month!

Enjoy the lovely models from this months challenge so far!

The Final Month will be upon us soon and it will be great to see everyone's entire projects so be sure to check back for that post in the future.  I promise it will be full of some great army pictures and amazing hobby!

Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore