Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Army Lore: The Keshaani Enclave

Hey Everyone!  Today I wanted to dive a bit into the lore for another one of my Age of Sigmar armies.  I wasn't planning on making any lore for my Idoneth Deepkin, but due to an upcoming event that is encouraging everyone to have a bit of lore it really got my Narrative Juices flowing.  Although, I wanted to make something a bit more lighthearted and fun and I think you will soon see that Tidecaster Keshaani is as lighthearted and fun as they come.  If you know me then you will likely know that yet again my army leader is based yet again on a Pop Singer.  That's right, Kesha comes to The Mortal Realms! Also, be sure to read to the end to see a sneak peek of the Keshaani model I am converting up

The light from Hysh beat fiercely down on to the sandy beach of Ghyrans coast.  It was hot and humid, but the people didn’t appear to mind as they cooled themselves in the ocean waters.  Humans, aleves, and duardin of all ages shared this piece of paradise playing games, swimming, and sunning themselves in the hot sun.  Not a single mortal had any cares on their mind.

The peace was broken when the shout of “Shark” rang out across the beach.  The water cleared instantly as the two protruding fins played across the water.  The beach cleared even quicker when the sharks flew up out of the water and floated in the air as a pair of aleves clung to their backs.  The quite paradise turned into a panicked mob as more aleves and sea beasts began appearing out of the water coming onto the beach.  The Idoneth had come…

Tidecaster Keshaani walked up to the beach gently up a cool drink abandoned by its previous owner as she quickly assessed the sandy dunes.  She sipped it slowly, enjoying the cool feeling and the fruity flavor as she debated what to do next.  The fleeing people wouldn’t be able to escape if she willed it and she was in no rush to bring them their doom.  The sun was warm and there were plenty more of the cool drinks to enjoy she thought as she discarded the emptied cocktail having emptied it without realizing.  She really did have a Crazy Beautiful Life and as she so often had, she decided to simply enjoy it.

Tidecaster Keshaani took up another drink and finding a cool spot under a canopy nearby to enjoy the fuzzy feeling the drinks were giving her.  Perhaps these people’s souls didn’t need to be harvested.  There was bound to be plenty of other souls close by anyway and she quite enjoyed the drinks these people concocted.

Sensing their general's shift in temperament the other Idoenth similarly discarded their weapons in favor of cool drinks and fun in the hot sun.  As the day wore on the local people who fled would slowly filter back to the beach sensing the change in the Idoneth and before long the day's peacefulness returned. 

As Hysh began setting behind the waves later on Tidecaster Keshaani stood up and in a slurred and melodic speech declared it to be High Tide and for the real party to commence!  Fires lit up across the beach and all manner of Ghyran sealife brought by the Idoenth were cooked on the makeshift grills.  The local people, to their credit, let their barrels of tropical cocktails flow freely well into the night.

I hope you enjoyed this fun piece of lore for my Idoneth Army and until next time. Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore

BONUS - Sneak (purposefully blurry) peek at my converted Tidecaster Keshaani model!