Friday, August 9, 2019

ETC 2019: USA Team Well-wishes and Army Lore?

Hey Everyone!  As you might be aware the ETC 2019 event kicks off today and runs throughout this coming weekend!  I wanted to do a special post today in order to wish the US AoS ETC team the best of luck!  May your dice roll well and the all your games turn out great!  There is some hard competition out there, but it promises to be exciting to follow through Twitter and Facebook.  I had the pleasure of helping the team prepare in a few very small ways and I really enjoyed being able to offer any help I could.  Good luck to the US Team as well as everyone else competing for their country this weekend.

One of the ways I was able to assist was in painting up a few Hag Queens for my friend Roger and his Daughters of Khaine army.  Little did he know I wrote some lore for these two characters connecting them to my armies evolving narrative.  The Tayrathian Cult is present this weekend during the ETC and may it help the team Shake it Off if the dice turn against them as well as fill in the Blank Space on their score sheets with max points!  If you get to play Roger this weekend be sure to ask him how he likes playing with a narrative army and enjoy this bit of fun lore.

The Tayrathian Tribute

Tayrathi looked upon the two Hag Queens supplicating themselves before her throne as a mother would her children.  The pair were some of her most devout followers within the Tayrathian cult and she was about to grant them a boon unlike any other.  She let slip a mirthful chuckle as she anticipated their reactions to what she was about to do.  The pair rose to their full height with looks of equal parts fear and confusion for the sudden summons.

“High-Priestess Tayrathi, We….” Began the Hag Queen known as Heshalya.

“Neither of you are in any trouble or should have any concern.  You are both exemplars of the cult and are trusted lieutenants within my halls.” Tayrathi interrupted.

       “High-Priestess.  Mayhap you can indulge us to our summons then?”  Replied the second of the pair known as Ulithanis.

       “There is to be a great conclave of leaders and great generals and I have received a request for a tribute of champions to send as representatives of The Tayrathian Cult.  They are to help lead a newly created sect of the Hagg Nar Temple in order to claim victory for our Nation-State and its armies.”  Tayrathi said with obvious joy.

Heshalya and Ulithanis looked at each other with a smile as they both came to the understanding of what Tayrathi would say next.

       “You two shall be those champions and you while you will wear the colors of the Nation-State you shall bear my Personal Rune upon you person so all shall know you go with my full support and blessing.  Go now and prepare yourselves for a long journey ahead and spread the word of The Tayrathian Cult to our Sisters in Blood.  Khaine watch over you both!”  Tayrathi exclaimed.

Heshalya and Ulithanis offered Taythai deep bows before turning on their heels and leaving her to her thoughts once again.  Tayrathi wasn’t sure if the pair would return to her, but she had hope that they one day would return to her halls as Champions in Blood.  

       “May Khaine grant you and the Nation-State Victory and Glory.”  She said in joyful prayer.

The Rune of Tayrathi
Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore