Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Review: Warcry, My First Impressions

Hey Everyone!  This past weekend I was able to finally dive into my first games of Warcry alongside my good friend Matt.  Today I want to talk a bit about how the games went and my overall impressions after a day battling in the shadow of the Varenspire.  Overall I can say I quite enjoyed the game as it is quick, simple to pick up, and has good depth in strategy the more games I played.  It won’t replace Age of Sigmar as my primary game, but I plan to pack a small force with me in my army bags going forward for pick up games at the many events I attend.  Let's dive into the Battles!

What I do love about the game is the ability to buy into it at various levels.  My buddy Matt picked up the Core Box and the army card packs for the non-chaos armies he already owns.  I opted for just the Rule book, carrying case, and cards for my Daughters of Khaine and Idoneth Deepkin.  After seeing the Core Box I can very much say it is 100% worth the cost if you decide to go that route, but it is nice to not have to buy in at that level if you choose.  I really believe the ability to buy in at a level you wish will only help the game continue to succeed.

For the games this weekend I decided I was going to stick entirely with my Daughters of Khaine, but vary the list every game to really find how my preferred playstyle for the game system.  Matt, in contrast, switched between his Ironjaws and Iron Golems for our battles.  We had some incredible battles and if I am honest I was very close to buying a box of Orruks before the day was out as they were very much my bane that day.  I really enjoyed battling with my Daughters of Khaine for the games and after trying a bit of everything I think I will be running a Melusai list with a few Sisters of Slaughter alongside as I really loved how tough they were on the field!

The game itself ran very smoothly and we switched between drawing random scenarios to playing the matched play scenarios and we enjoyed both variations.  The one part that Matt enjoyed and I honestly could have done without was resetting the terrain every game.  While it is a fun mechanic to have the terrain shift each game I found it took up a lot of time when I just wanted to get stuck into the battle.  I can see the pros and cons of using it or skipping it, but I would much prefer creating a terrain set up that looks great over matching a picture.

Matt and I did take a long read into the campaign section of the rule book and we were very excited to begin one ourselves the next time we meet.  I do believe this is where the game will excel overall and I can already see expanding my army lore through these campaigns for a few of the minor heroes I have created in The Tayrathian Cult.

All in all the games were quick and clean and well worth a look into if you enjoy skirmish level strategy games.  The Core Box is a great value if you are just starting out as it has plenty of terrains, a few armies, as well as all the rules, tokens, and gaming aids you could ever want.  If you are looking for a cheaper way in you can simply grab the rule book and the army cards for one of the existing factions that have had sets created for the game.  This could easily be your main source of gaming in The Mortal Realms or it can be a side game you pull out for a bit of fun.  Either way, I feel this is an excellent product that we will see blossom over the next few months and events begin to pop up with them really soon!  Happy Hobbying.

Chuck Moore