Thursday, August 15, 2019

Hobby Table: 8-15-19

Hey Everyone!  Recently I put up a tweet detailing out a goal I am setting for myself that is due to begin this autumn.  I am a wargamer who tends to never really finish an army as I often make impulse buys to an army I have well past the 2000point mark.  Due to this I often tend to have a few units sitting on my shelf that are built and likely primed, but not painted.  These have become eyesores as the bleak grey stands out in stark contrast to my painted army as they sit side by side.  My goal is to finally break the habit and completed all of these built and unpainted models.

The largest offender on my list is my Daughters of Khaine army.  I spent a lot of time painting Witch Aelves that I neglected to paint some of the other great units outside of an initial unit or two.  I am very much looking forward to wrapping up these unpainted units first in reaching this goal as it is my primary army I play for events.  I will likely paint them all a unit at a time and try to assembly line them out as I have with the rest of the models in the force.

Outside of my Daughters of Khaine I only have a few units across my other armies to wrap up.  Some Sylvaneth, Stormcast Eternals, the Endless Spells from Forbidden Power, and a few Underworlds warbands.  These should prove to be fun little projects in and of themselves so I am not sitting too long in any one paint scheme.  While I am planning to try and paint all of my Daughters of Khaine units consecutively it is possible I slip in one of these smaller projects if I begin feeling a bit burnt out.

While I would love to dive into this project right away it will be on hold until autumn as the next project on my plate is a Slaanesh force I am planning to use for Holy Havoc.  This project will be primarily done using the new Contrast Paint line to get a feel for how to use this new tool.  If I finish this army quickly then I will begin painting all these unpainted units right away to get a head start to meet my deadline.

The deadline I have set for myself is to have all of these extra units and small projects wrapped up by Adepticon next year.  I would love to know what it feels like going into a Games Workshop Preview show with nothing currently on my plate!  Deadlines are always helpful for me to stay motivated and I have set plenty of reminders on my calendar to remind me to paint a bit every night in order to get everything done.  It should be fun to see and I plan to post about how it all goes along the way in order to stay accountable to my goal.  Until next time, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore