Tuesday, August 20, 2019

NOVA Open 2019: Just Over One Week Away!

Hey Everyone!  We are just one week (and a few days) away from NOVA Open 2019 and all the fun it promises!  Today I wanted to share some information about all the great Age of Sigmar Events happening over the event.  If you haven’t been keeping up we added a lot more events to give everyone as much time as they wish to play in the Mortal Realms and maximize the table space we have all weekend long.  Some even have spots left open if you are wanting to join in!

The Age of Sigmar Grand Narrative continues the ongoing story which has been developing and expanding each and every year.  The team behind the event creates some amazing and unique set pieces throughout the games.  Last year games were played on scaled up recreations of the ships from The Dreadfleet game which were a thing of beauty.  I cannot say what they might have in store this year, but it is well worth checking out the games being played.  The event is going on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and while it is sold out it is always a great event to check out as it happens.

Another great event, and one that still has spots available, is the Age of Sigmar Doubles event.  Teams of two will pair up on the tables to battle it out Friday during the event to see who is the best.  The event will see players battling in Hysh for all three games and the heavy weighted scoring on Primary and Secondary objectives should make for thrilling games and I am excited to see what armies the teams will be playing.  Spots are available so if you have a friend wanting to roll dice and have some fun you still have a chance to join in on the event.

An event added a few months ago is the Age of Sigmar RTT.  Much like other one day events players will be bringing 2000pt armies and battling for victory in three games on Thursday during NOVA Open.  The event has already stated it will submit scores to ITC so if you are looking to help increase your standing this will be a great event for you.  Having Thursday free, and tickets still available, I am considering jumping in on this event myself so perhaps I will see you across the table!

Another recent addition to the Age of Sigmar gaming group is the Age of Sigmar Friendly events.  These events will be happening late at night on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and there are plenty of spots left.  The event is structured much more like a local club day than an actual tournament.  While players will be paired off and games tracked the atmosphere is intended to create a positive play experience for everyone no matter if they are newer to the game, a seasoned competitor, or somewhere in between you will find a good time at the Friendly.

The final event is, of course, The Age of SIgmar Grand Tournament happening Saturday and Sunday at NOVA Open.  The event is still waiting to fill a few final spots from its waitlist, but there is always a chance that a spot or two might be available the day of the event.  The players will be battling across Aqshy and Shysish over five games and will be seeing a major update to its terrain.  Come check out how the event has grown from last year and get an idea of where the event is going over the next few years as it continues to grow and learn from each and every year.  It will be a great time and I am very excited to be running this event!

With so many Age of Sigmar events happening there is something for everyone this year.  This is on top of the great atmosphere and other exception event shappenenign at NOVA this year for Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Underworlds, and countless other game systems.  I hope to see you there, but if you are unable to attend be sure to keep an eye on my Twitter or Instagram to keep up with all the excitement!  Happy Hobbying.

Chuck Moore