Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Hobby During my Break and Future Plans for the Blog

Hey Everyone!  I am back from my break and I am feeling refreshed and eager to dive into some more hobby projects.  I kept busy during my time away and gave a lot of thought to the future of this blog and my content.  I have a few ideas that will require some changes to my previous schedule, but it should hopefully provide all of you with even better content than I have been over the past few years.  Before I talk more about the blog I want to share some of the stuff I have been working on over the past few weeks!

Having come off of NOVA Open seeing such great armies I have been very inspired lately to put in the work required to improve my painting skills.  There are a few wonderful friends who have already helped with some great advice, honest feedback, and encouragement to move forward towards this goal.  I have also been using my Daughters of Khaine army to help practice a bit and develop some of the skills I often ignored.  I spent the time away adding more highlights to my entire army.  It has been a very fun process over the past few weeks and I have been eager to truly begin my next army project with fresh eyes and a much clearer goal in mind for how I want the models to look once I am done.

My next bit of hobby over the break was settling on the final plans for Holy Havoc this November.  I will be partnering with my good friend Matt and I have decided to bring the Tayrathian Cult to pair with his army instead of my originally planned Slaanesh army.  I am about to begin crafting a few custom versions of Tayrathi to use as my Warlord for the event and I cannot wait to reveal them as the event draws near.

To end the post today I want to let you all know that the blog will be coming off the regular schedule of Tuesday and Thursday articles.  I am in no way planning on ending the blog, but I want to make sure I am writing posts that have a lot of meaning to me and gives you quality content.  You will still see posts from me fairly regularly, but if the blog goes silent for a week there is no need to worry as I didn’t quit but just didn’t have anything of value to talk about.  I will still be posting regularly on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook so feel free to follow me there to chat and see daily posts.  I am also looking at venturing back into Youtube as well as podcasting and the relaxed format for the blog will give me that free time to pursue these forms of content creation.  Keep an eye out and as always, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore