Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Realms at War Uprising: The Fearless

Hey Everyone!  This weekend Realms at War: Uprising takes place in Cambridge, England.  I had the privilege to attend this event last year and it remains one of my favorite Warhammer Events that I plan to get back to one day, but this year I am watching all the narrative fun from afar.  Although despite not being able to join in the fun at the event I have taken the story and theme for this year's event as an excuse to continue growing the narrative of my Tayrathian Cult.  In today’s post, I run through the lore and information for my Regiment of Renown as well as the general list I would take if I was able to attend.  You will also see plenty of pictures of my Regiment as well as the custom heroes I painted up specifically for the event.  Be sure to check out the event pack as well for all the details and see what the event itself is all about!

Pre Event Lore for “The Fearless”: The Fearless is the forgotten Aelves who have found refuge in the arms of the Tayrathian Cult. Cast aside in shame by their Leaders these disparate Aelves have found welcome in the Tayrathian Cult. Tayrathi knows herself what it is to be cast aside and is happy to allow them into her fold for the time being and have their assistance during the Uprising. In return for her welcome, they have sworn fealty to Tayrathi and head into battle while singing her name. Part of The Fearless’s quick acceptance by the cult was due to their daring rescue of The Khinerai Lifetaker now known as The Wingless One during the opening conflicts of the Uprising that accidentally pulled The Tayrathian Cult into the battle. While a single soul lost isn’t much of a concern for the cult the fervor in which The Fearless’s Champion, Odiamh Roseblade, slew his enemies to save the downed Khinerai left an impression. During Event Lore for “The Fearless”: The Fearless continue to add to their number during the conflict two begin to stand out. A Stormcast Eternal who goes by the title Sigmar’s Hand and a Namartii Reaver known as “The Envoy of Keshanni. As the battle goes on The Fearless realize these two champions are judging them and their actions. It is revealed that Sigmar’s Hand has been sent to decide their fate as an angel of vengeance in Sigmar’s name. The Envoy of Keshanni offers their only chance at survival. Their actions throughout the conflict will decide the ultimate fate of The Fearless. Post Event Lore for “The Fearless”: Having escaped the turmoil of the Uprising with the aid of The Tayrathian Cult the group known as The Fearless accompany the Envoy of Keshanni below the oceans of Ghyran in order to escape the purging by Sigmar’s Hand. They acclimate as well as they can until the time is right for them to return to the Free City that is their home. Daaniyah, who has been tasked with keeping an eye on Keshanni maintains contact with The Fearless, who act as willing spies from within the Keshanni Enclave. The Wingless One returns to The Tayrathian Cult and is risen to the rank of Slaughter Queen. Having failed to purge The Fearless Sigmar’s Hand is slain by The Wingless One sending him back to Sigmar’s halls in shame and failure. She would mark his armour with her own in the style of the Tayrahtian Rune to remind him of the enemy he had made in the cult. After reforging the stain remains and he is unceremoniously stripped of his Prime rank. Tayrathi’s leaders, having done all they could during the Uprising returns to help Tayrathi with her obsession with regorging Khaine and assist her continued hunt for the Keeper of Secrets known as H’Ka’ty The Perverse...

List for “The Fearless”: Base 100 (3-10 models): - 100 pts Dragon Blade (28) - Odiamh Roseblade - Champion Lifetaker (16) - The Wingless One - Banner Bearer Lifted to the rank of Slaughter Queen after the Uprising is over despite outcome. Swordmaster (16) Swordmaster (16) White Lion (12) White Lion (12) Additional 200-250 (options no limit): - 198 Points Reaver (28) Reaver (28) Glade Guard (12) Glade Guard (12) Spire Guard (12) - Musician Spire Guard (12) Dragon Blade (28) Dragon Blade (28) Sequitor (24) - Sigmar's Hand - Pivotal Plot Character for The Fearless Failure Arc The Fearless is destroyed by Sigmar's Judgement due to past sins. Namarti Reaver (14) - Envoy of Keshanni - Pivotal Plot Character for The Fearless Redemption Arc The Fearless escape living beneath the waves with the Idoneth Deepkin.

The Tayrathian Neutrality
Allegiance: Daughters of Khaine
Temple: The Kraith

Charl├ębron (100)
Slaughter Queen
- General
- Trait: Terrifying Beauty 
- Artefact: Venom of Nagendra 
- Prayer: Martyr's Sacrifice

Alosian The Red (300)
Hag Queen on Cauldron of Blood
- Prayer: Blessing of Khaine

Daaniyah, High Priest of The Tayrathian (300)
Hag Queen on Cauldron of Blood
- Prayer: Crimson Rejuvenation

The Delicate (240)
20 x Sisters of Slaughter
- Barbed Whips and Blade Bucklers

The 22 (300)
30 (22 fielded) x Witch Aelves
- Sacrificial Knives and Blade Bucklers

The Bad Bloods (140)
5 x Blood Sisters

The Innocent (80)
5 x Khinerai Lifetakers

Total: 1460 / 1500

My lore focuses much more on the Regiment as opposed to The Tayrathian Cult itself, but having established my lore for my Daughters of Khaine it was the perfect vehicle to help tell the story of The Fearless, which is made up of some of my oldest Warhammer models.  This story and its narrative arc is a fun way for me to say goodbye to these older models and give them a fun retirement in the Mortal Realms.  I hope you enjoyed my bit of fun and I encourage you all to keep an eye out for all the great pictures leading up and from the event by following the Hashtags #RAW, #RAW19, and #RoadToRAW on Twitter and enjoy the fun that is happening this weekend!  Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore