Friday, November 8, 2019

Holy Havoc 2019 Event Impressions

Hey Everyone!  This past weekend I attended one of the greatest Age of Sigmar Narrative events in the world, Holy Havoc alongside my good friend Matt, who was bringing his Kharadron Overlords.  It was a doubles format with lots of great hobbyists putting their effort on display as we battled on the best tables I have ever seen.  I won’t be doing a blow by blow of every battle, but I will touch on some of the great narrative moments that happened to Tayrathi and her Daughters of Khaine over the weekend.  There were a number of great moments that happened as the dice were rolled over the five games

The event was incredibly well run with every aspect of it having a great deal of smoothness.  Anything that came up was solved quickly by the care and kindness that Steve embodies.  Without a doubt, he is a top-level Tournament Organizer.  Being able to grudge opponents every round to how the tables interacted in the game all fit together very well.  Steve has crafted the best tables I have ever seen and played on and their unique rules are reason enough to attend Holy Havoc or Holy Wars.  Each game feels like a set-piece battle with everything on the line and really help shape your narrative as you fight a desperate battle against your opponent as the table attempts to kill you.

Matt and I had our first game against Kenny and Mitch who were running Fyreslayers and the new Mawtribes book.  We played on the Sotek Temple table which was a great table to begin on as it was one of the tamer tables in regards to rules.  We fought a mighty battle and ended up in a draw to start the event.  The decimation brought, however, did give Tayrathi new respect and hatred toward those armies who fancy themselves as mercenaries of sorts.

Our second game saw use grudge against Vince and Tom of Warhammer Weekly.  They were bringing Slaanesh and Night haunt and, due to my poor judgment, we played on the new Chaos Fortress table that made running units very dangerous in a scenario that required a lot of running.  Regardless of how impactful the table was, I was very excited to play Vince and Tom and despite a hard loss this game will be remembered with “The Kraith Roll heard around the Realms”.  Having been charged by Tom’s lovely Black Coach I piled in with my Witch Aelves and did some damage.  I rolled my Kraith roll and got a four and without a thought, I grabbed my once per game Holy Reroll dice and nailed the six I was seeking.  I attacked again and took off his Coach to much delight all around.  Tayrathi suffered a defeat, but it only fueled her hatred toward Slaanesh!

The third and final game of day one was Brendan and Dave who were running Mawtribes and bringing the Murderhorn!  This game also saw Tayrathi arrive on the Temple of Khaine Table in order to complete her event quest to retrieve a shard of Khaine.  This was my favorite game over the weekend as the spirits of everyone at the table were very jovial and multiple times the game had top halt as we couldn’t stop laughing!  The Murderhorn charged in and began deleting units, but Tayrathi would not be denied and immediately struck a deal so she could safely make her way to the top of the Shrine.  The Murderhorn was amicable and even helped remove my partner’s warlord from the top of the shrine.  The Murderhorn are considered freinds of The Tayrathian Cult forevermore, but having to sell out her partner and army didn’t sit all that well with those crushed under the heel of the Murderhorn.  We took a loss, but Tayrathi did get a nice photoshoot so alls well that ends well!

Day two Matt and I got to choose from the DangerNoodle Co. menu as we played Alex and John with their Melusai Daughters of Khaine and Idoneth Deepkin.  In the spirit of the narrative, I had Matt direct where my army would deploy my army and give me my marching orders as my force was upset by Tayrathi selling them out in the previous game.  I also deployed Tayrathi away from the main force as she worked to make reparations with her army.  We were playing on the Monolith table and having the first turn Matt decided to throw the Monolith over Tayrathi immediately nearly killing her!  Alex and John quickly moved it back over her in their turn, taking her off the table bottom of turn one!  I am not saying I didn’t deserve what happened, but it still hurt!  Matt and I fought hard, but in the end, suffered yet another loss.  However, it would seem Tayrathi was forgiven after she suffered her shameful removal from the battle so quickly.

The final game of the weekend was on The Oak of Ages table and I could not have been happier to play on this table.  It was an iconic table I had seen many pictures of over the years and a offered a very dealy game for everyone.  Matt and I lined up against Brian and Isaac who had Stormcast and Moonclan.  They were true gentlemen and despite my Witch Aelves making a hail mary turn one change across the table, they rallied to push back to bring the game to a draw!  Tayrathi was under constant bombardment from all angels, but she had been toughed over the events of the weekend and she held strong to survive the entire game finding peace in the springs of Healers Folly.

While not winning a single game I managed to find lots of narrative moments in every game that I am using to continue the ongoing saga of Tayrathi and her Cult!  Matt and I loved this event and I am already looking at coming back to Holy Wars as soon as I am able to battle it out with the Narrative legends who show up for this great event.  If you like the Age of Sigmar I would count this as a must-attend event to put on your bucket list.  Thanks to Steve and his crew for putting on such a wonderful and inspiring event!  Happy Hobbying!