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Tyrion: Strength of The Light

Tyrion, a god of light, leader of the Asur, descendent of Aenarion, twin of Teclis, beloved of Alarielle, and a once Avatar of Khaine.  Tyrion has been a key character in The World That Was shaping the destiny of an entire race and has been slowly been making moves in The Mortal Realms.  He fell from grace during the events of The End Times only to be saved, body and soul, by his brother Teclis.  While Tyrion would fail to stop the ending of The World That Was he would retain his mantle of Avatar of Light and be make it through the chaos portal and awake in The Mortal Realms alongside his brother. They awoke as the gods of Light with their connection was even deeper as Tyrion would find himself blind, but able to see through his brother’s eyes.  His plans are still a bit of a mystery in The Age of Sigmar, but he has a deep history and has helped to trap Slaanesh there is no doubt his power will shape the realms in the future.  He is a strong character and his story is worth telling.

Tyrion and his twin Teclis were born to Prince Arathion and Princess Alysia in Ulthuan.  Their mother died during childbirth, but it would be a servant of their father by the name of Thornberry who would take a primary role in raising and caring for the boys.  Prince Arathion did love his children, but had a clear favorite in Teclis and gave much attention to him over his Tyrion. Tyrion spent his time hunting and training while his father worked on his greatest work.  Arathion was consumed with the task of restoring The Armour of Aenarion to its full glory, the Armour was a family heirloom as they were of the line Morelion, the first son of Aenarion.  Arathion sold more and more of their fortune to complete the project.  Due to their poor financial situation, and in part because they were ancestors of Aenrarion Tyrion and his brother lived in the backcountry of Ulthuan in a small villa.

Despite his brother oftentimes being bedridden Tyrion and his brother shared a connection deep enough to sense one another on their thoughts on a subtle level.  Tyrion would hunt, train, and run around pretending to be a great knight during the day and spend his evenings regaling his sickly brother about his adventures.  They had a shared destiny, but their paths to reaching this destiny would prove to be very different.

With the blood of Aenarion running through their veins, the twins would be forced to undertake a journey to be tested before The Phoenix King as they came of age.  The curse that the first Phoenix King unleashed on his line when he drew The Widowmaker to defend his people from the forces of Chaos.  Teclis showed the curse through his frailty of body while Tyrion was the spitting image of Aenarion and skilled with martial ability.  Tyrion was rash and strong-headed though and there was fear the curse would manifest itself in different ways.  While it saddened Tyrion to leave his father behind and the only home and family he knew he was looking forward to the adventure with his brother.  Tyrion adapted to every bit of the journey taking to horse riding with ease and even became very proficient as a sailor during their voyage on the open water.  He connected to the other elves quickly and found it very easy to be among others.

Escorted to their Aunt Malene’s home by a White Lion by the name of Korehien who would serve as an important person in Tyrion’s life.  Lady Melene was the sister of Tyrion and Teclis’ mother and a High Mage of significant influence being that their house, House Emeraldsea, was one of the strongest in Lothern.  It was Lord Emeraldsea who had worked to put Finubar on the seat of Pheonix king and gave the house a valuable ally.  Lord Emeraldsea would see that Tyrion and Teclis would come to their potential under his care.

Tyrion took to most of his new training very well by learning how to duel, dancing, and the art of military strategy.  While Tyrion was very outgoing and friendly he would soon encounter rivals who would use the courtly intrigue to embarrass Tyrion.  It was his brother Teclis who learned saw through this intrigue to assist his brother and for the first time, it would be Tyrion who would find jealousy of his brother’s ability to learn quickly in all things that did not include a sword.  Tyrion would best almost every opponent in a duel with any weapon under the training of Korehien and his martial skills, but it would be the one place he would truly feel comfortable.  He would establish a friendly rivalry with a Prince Iltharis who would be the closest person to his equal with a blade. During this time of learning Tyrion would be challenged to a duel by a jealous and arrogant rival.  Tyrion would end up killing his opponent in the duel and while it was an understood potential the act would prove to be an early sign of Tyrion’s fate.  Tyrion discovered that day that he felt no disgust in killing and found it came to him with unexpected ease.

After some time training, the twins would be presented before the Phoenix King who in turn had them sent to The Shrine of Asuryan to have the Curse of Aenarion tested.  Either the twins would pass this test or they would be killed.  It was also during this time when the Keeper of Secrets N'kari, who was vanquished by Aenarion during the creation of The Great Vortex, was roaming Ulthuan.  N'kari had been swept up in the spell and had remained hidden in the vortex, careful to not draw the eye of Caledor until they could break free.  N’kari was hunting for the blood of Aenarion and ultimately came after Tyrion and Teclis who carried the scent heavily.  N'kari and their daemon army would attack the Shrine itself while the brothers were inside.  N'kari’s attack would go so far to see the Daemon enter the chamber which held The Flame of Asuryan which is where Tyrion and his brother were hiding.

Tyrion did what he knew best and attacked the Daemon with a nearby sword from one of their guards.  Despite his skill, he was unable to penetrate N’kari’s flesh, but in turn, the Daemon was always inches behind Tyrion’s quick movements.  Teclis, who was pulling power from the Flame of Asuryan, would empower the blade Tyrion held to allow him to defeat the Daemon and send it back to the Chaos Realm.  Tyrion and Teclis found how strong their bond was this day and how their divergent skills made them greater as a pair.  Having passed their tests as well as defeat a Great Daemon little did Tyrion and his brother knew their adventures were just beginning.  The pair would share adventures from time to time even while their training took them apart from one another.  One of these adventures saw Teclis, who was training at The White Tower of Hoeth, would discover the location of the fabled sword Sunfang and help his brother through the Jungles of Lustria to claim it.

Tyrion would eventually find himself competing among the greatest Princes of Ulthuan for the honor of being the Champion of the newest Everqueen to be crowned, Alarielle.  While Tyrion found the competition quite easy he was unsure of the prize.  He did not wish to be restrained to guarding anyone and he even found an odd distaste for Alarielle whenever they had first met which she also shared.  Despite this shared initial distaste, Tyrion continued to win as it was not in his nature to not give anything martial all of his attention and ability.  However, fate would see the pair find mutual respect, friendship, and see those feelings develop into love for one another.

Malektih, The Witch King had set forth and invasion of Ulthuan and had his sights set to capture the future Everqueen and take the heart out of the fight for the High Elves.  Malektih made a pact with N’kari to open portals for his army directly to the forest of Avelorn to accomplish this task using the contest of Princes to swiftly take out the best leaders and fighters of the High Elves.  Many were slaughtered as they were caught unaware in the middle of the night.  Tyrion, either by instinct or luck awoke and managed to fight his way to the captured Everqueen and together the pair would escape, but not before Tyrion suffered a wound from a Witch Elf dagger that saw poison begin to take his vitality as the pair fought to survive.

Tyrion, who had begun to grow used to relying on his own strength alone during his time apart from his brother found himself relying on Alarielle to survive more every hour.  Alarielle did her best to slow and stop the poison killing Tyrion while he used his remaining strength to fend off any Dark Elf who found the pair.  Tyrion began to see the strength Alarielle carried and how his initial impression of her as a spoiled child was wrong.  Alarielle, in-kind, saw how self-sacrificing Tyrion truly was causing her to rethink her initial impression of him as a haughty and arrogant fool.  The pair grew closer over this time running for their lives that would grow into a powerful love for better or worse.

Despite their efforts to escape from the Dark Elf patrols, Tyrion and Alarielle were cornered by some assassins sent by Malekith who had grown tired of trying to simply capture the future Everqueen.  While fending them off N’Kari, now free of Malekith’s control entered the fight sensing an easy victory and revenge upon one of the Twin ancestors of Aenarion.  However, N’kari was to be denied once again by the power of Teclis, who sensing the danger his brother was even despite the great distance, rushed to his aid and arrived in the nick of time to banish N’kari with much less effort than previously.  Tyrion was saved once again by his brother Teclis and he was thankful for his arrival, but there was a war to fight now that the High Elves had their Everqueen to rally behind.  While the High Elves fought on it would all come down to a final pivotal battle, The Battle of Finuval Plain.

While The Battle of Finuval Plain is a key moment in High Elf history it is also a true coming of age moment for Tyrion. The battle was the last stand of the High Elves against the invasion of Malekith who very easily had the upper hand in terms of power and numbers, but Malekith did not count on the combined might of Tyrion, Alarielle, and Teclis.  Tyrion, now recovered from the poison took the field in the restored Armour of Aenarion riding his new mount and companion, Malhandir.  Malhandir was the last of a line of horses descended from the father of horses bred in the province of Ellyrion who were known for their horsemanship.  He was the greatest horse Ulthuan had and the bond formed between Tyrion and Malhandir would be unbreakable.

The battle would begin with an honor duel between champion representatives from both armies.  The champion of the Dark Elves as Urian Poisionblade who had poisoned the previous Everqueen and was revealed to have been Prince Iltharis who had infiltrated High Elf society under the command of Malektih.  Urian cut down champion after champion, including Tyrion's mentor Korehien, with ease until Tyrion, with the favor of Alarielle went forward to face his old “friend”.  It took all of Tyrion's skills, and the power in his armour to survive Urian’s onslaught, as well as Teclis unweaving every spell Malekith was attempting to cast to weaken Tyrion.  The duel was as if the gods were clashing on the field.  Tyrion came out the victor as he plunged Sunfang into Urian as he slipped.

As Urian died the Dark Elf army rushed to overwhelm Tyrion, but his new friend Malhandir was quicker and allowed him to escape the fate and return to the High Elf lines to rally and engage the enemy.  Tyrion was an army of one and where he and Malhandir fought the Dark Elves would fall like wheat to the scythe, but being only one warrior the Dark Elves would slowly gain the advantage in the battle by the sheer numbers.  Teclis, who had been in an ongoing magical battle with Malekith was able to tap into the Flame of Asuryan trapped within Malekiths body and force him to retreat via magical teleportation.  Seeing their leader vanish the Dark Elf army lost heart and to a person ran in retreat allowing the High Elves to claim victory.  This cemented Tyrion, Alarielle, and Teclis as the saviors of the High Elves and leaders of the race.

After this battle Teclis would depart for a mission to the lands of men and dwarfs while Tyrion would lead the reclamation of Ulthuan and drive out the surviving pockets of Dark Elves who infested their homeland.  The pair would not meet again for many years when coming together for the funeral of their father.  Tyrion, now fully the Champion of The Everqueen, was a leader of armies and had taken well into the courts of Ulthuan and took the lessons learned of his early time in the courts.  He could make anyone like him and would find favor easily as opposed to Teclis who had grown tiresome of the courts and found himself more of an outsider among his own kind.  Time would march onward and Tyrion would grow even stronger as a leader of the High Elves and become even closer to his love, Alarielle.  Despite his ever-growing reputation his greatest test was to come during The End Times.

As a great war with Chaos threatened Tyrion set out with his brother to rescue the daughter of the Everqueen, Aliathra who was captured by the Vampire Mannfred von Carstein.  Despite a successful battle, with the aid of the dwarfs and their High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer, Mannfred made his escape with Aliathra.  Tyrion, who was secretly the true father of Aliathra (normally the first child of the Everqueen was with the reigning Phoenix King), let anger take hold of this failure and even went so far as to accuse the dwarfs of the failure.  Teclis, sensing the truth was able to calm his brother and the understanding of Thorgrim prevented any grudges from being written on this day.

Tyrion and his brother returned home to Ulthuan to find it invaded by a great host of daemons lead by N’Kari.  To make matters worse the Phoenix King Finubar had magically locked himself in his private chambers and Alarielle had vanished from her homeland.  Tyrion rallied all he could to combat the invasion and entrusted his squire Princess Eldyra to lead an expedition organized in a final attempt to save Aliathra.

Due to the disappearance of The Phoenix King and The Everqueen, the courts of Ulthuan began to fracture as tensions grew during the invasion. Tyrion's mind was on his lost daughter and the missing Everqueen and weighed heavily on his heart and soul.  Tyrion found himself unable to hold everything together and began to develop burning hatred towards those princes who retreated to their own province to selfishly watch after their own lands.  To combat the daemons, Tyrion would push those under his command to exhaustion without concern and while successful it would drive Tyrion further and further down a dark road which would see him become more reckless.

This recklessness would see Tyrion suffer a near mortal wound at the hands of N’Kari.  He would have died that day if not for the brave actions of the captain of the White Lions, Korhill, and members of The Phoenix Guard.  As he recovered he would seek to reunite the fragmented provinces of Ulthuan, but he now had an open and fiery temper which only saw the fracture grow deeper.  All would be lost if not for his brother Teclis, now Master of The White Tower of Hoeth who found a way to banish all the daemons from Ulthuan with a mighty spell developed by the greatest mage of the High Elves, Caledor Dragontamer.

Tyrion moved his armies to bait and force N’kari to battle at a sacred location called The Moonspire.  Tyrion and Teclis would duel and defeat N’Kari during the battle and then Tyrion set to work defending his brother from the countless daemons as he wove a might spell that banished the daemons across Ulthuan in a great final battle of what was known as The Reclamation Wars.

Having defended Ulthuan once again Tyrion headed off to confront the absent Phoenix King.  Still magical shut in his chamber Tyrion angrily ordered it opened but was refused initially the captain of his guard the White Lion Korhil.  Reluctantly, however, Korhill would submit and use his magical ax to chop down the door and its magical wards.  As the door opened it was discovered The Phoenix King was dead and appeared to have been murdered.  After a few days of mourning Tyrion was elected Regent of Ulthuan with the promise of becoming the next Phoenix King in a year.  However, it would not be a quiet year as Malekith with secret aid from Teclis and Prince Imrik of one of the fractured provinces, began his final push to win Ulthuan for his own or die trying.

It did not take long for the power to get to Tyrion’s head and mix with the dark anger he now harbored.  He found himself friendless and alone as he ordered the defense of Ulthuan once again.  Despite this dark mood he still resisted the Curse of Aenarion to venture forth and draw The Widowmaker in the name of Khaine, but his defense was becoming weaker without his friends around him.  This defense was further weakened as he came into possession of The Warpsword of Khaine from the slain Malus Darkblade.  That defense was on the precipice when Morathi, who has been disguised as the sorceress Drusala, revealed herself to Tyrion and told her of his brother's treachery in assisting Malekith to kill The Phoenix King, invade Ulthuan, and how he purposely let Aliathra die.  The last bit was his breaking point and he set every mage at his disposal to find his brother or face his wrath.

Tyrion alone would confront his brother soon in a stone circle as statues of the elven gods watched on.  Tyrion angrily demanded to know if Morathi was speaking the truth as he forced out the accusations through tears and shaking anger mixed with fear.  Teclis, well aware of his brother's fragile mental state calmly confirmed every one.  Tyrion struck his weaker brother with his fist demanding to know if Teclis truly let his daughter perish knowingly.  Teclis only said “I am sorry” as his brother broke slashing out with The Warpsword of Khaine with the intent to kill in his blind rage.  Teclis would use his magic to escape leaving Tyrion alone to vent his grief and anger to the heavens.

Tyrion only found solace in one person, Morathi.  Morathi was happy to provide him companionship and comfort as she felt Tyrion was the reincarnation of her former husband Aenarion.  She fed his anger and worked her subtle influence to drive him further down the road he was doomed to now walk.  Tyrion worked to counter Malekith and his brother Teclis and slowly found their paths converging on the blighted isles, the hidden location of The Widowmaker.

As their forces finally met on the blighted isle Tyrion and Malekith would have a mighty duel which would see Tyrion besting Malekith.  Tyrion drew The Widowmaker to deliver the deathblow to Malekith, but Teclis wove a spell of protection deflecting the blade away.  Tyrion knocked his brother away and turned back to Malekith to find Caradyran, Captain of The Phoenix Guard blocking his way.  Caradryan, despite a magical vow of silence, was able to utter the word “No” in defiance to Tyrion’s orders to move.  Tyrion moved to kill the captain at the same moment an arrow shot by the Shadow King Alith Anar which was intended to kill Malekith while he was weakened.  Teclis, sensing the magic of the arrow was the same as his goddess Lileath, reached out to turn the arrow slightly causing it to piece Tyrion’s chest instead.  As Tyrion was knocked off his feet Teclis called upon his goddess and magically teleport himself, Malekith, Caradryan, and others far away.

Tyrion was near death once again and it was Morathi’s frantic efforts and dark magic that would see him healed overnight.  Khaine had fully taken hold of his soul as he exclaimed to everyone present that he was now the ruler of Ulthuan.  Tyrion set upon Prince Imrik and the princes who abandoned him during The Reclamation War and reunite Ulthuan by force.  After shattering those who resisted Tyrion returned to his home province and spent the majority of his time alone with Morathi.

Morathi would foster Tyrion's brooding over his lost Everqueen and help discover where she had been hiding in Athel Loren, home of the Wood Elves.  Tyrion and Morathi set off to capture her with an army in tow.  As the forces set for battle Tyrion demand Alarielle, who was now the queen of the Wood Elves having absorbed their dying goddess, Arial’s, power.  Alarielle refused as she knew the change that had come over her former lover.  The battle ensued with Morathi and Alarielle dueling above the battle with godly magic as Tyrion and Kurnous, King of the Woods fought to the death amongst the melee.  Tyrion would kill Orion, but not before he broke off the tip of his mighty spear inside Tyrion’s side.  Morathi used a seed of dark magic she implanted within the spirit of the Arial to knock Alarielle unconscious causing her to fall quickly to the forest floor.  Alarielle was saved by the grace of the Tree Lord Durthu who caught her midair and suffered a mortal wound by Tyrion and Widowmaker as Tyrion tried to capture his queen.  Durthu would pick up the unmounted Tyrion and toss him with all his might far away from the battle.  Morathi would escape the coming route and find her way to her beloved Tyrion.

Despite the loss, Tyrion would continue his conquest of Ulthuan and earn his right to be crowned The Phoenix King despite The Everqueens refuting of him and his claim.  Madness would become the ruling emotion for Tyrion and his new court as ongoing skirmishes between his force and Malekith's force continued off and on.  A final battle in the war of the elves was approaching and Tyrion would find himself and all the key players meeting on the Isle of The Dead, the location of The Great Vortex which pulled all magic into itself and out of the world.

Tyrion and Morathi did not care at all about the schemes of Malekit, Teclis, and Alarielle.  They only had the intent to slay them and every elf who followed them.  Tyrion reinforcing his army with his summoning of the dead trapped their enemy and charged in to finally end the war.  Morathi sought to disrupt Teclis’s work to unbind the great vortex and place the magical power inside vessels of his choosing.  Tyrion would find Teclis first and suffer a final betrayal as Malhandir threw Tyrion off the saddle as he attempted to run down Teclis.

Teclis was immediately set upon by Malekith despite the loss of his dragon due to Morathi’s magical attacks.  The final duel between the pair began and the skies wept as these avatars of the gods fought one another.  Once again Tyrion was the superior duelist and as he was poised to deliver his deathblow once again his dark heart was pierced by an arrow loosed by Alith Anar who now understood that Malekith was the only salvation for his people.

The curse and madness that had enveloped Tyrion faded and at last he saw what he had done and what he had become as death took him.  Morathi, enraged at her lover's death let loose a death wail that signaled the death of Ulthuan as the vortex broke.  Teclis captured the winds he could, but many escaped.  The wind of Ulgu settled in Malekith, Ghyran within Alarielle, and he pulled the light of Hysh into his magical staff.

Slaanesh, sensing the failing of the vortex burst forth into the world feasting on the souls of the elves trapped within and those who were to slow to escape, including Morathi.  The vortex breaking was also the trigger that caused Ulthuan to begin to sink beneath the waves.  Alarielle and the wood elves saved all they could by escaping through the world roots back to Athel Loren, but Teclis remained and was last seen holding Tyrion's corpse as they vanished beneath the waves.

In death, Tyrion was engulfed in darkness, but it would not last.  While Teclis had done questionable things during The End Times he was doing them all for a reason.  He had gathered the required items to resurrect Tyrion once the Curse of Khaine was purged from his soul through death.  Tyrion was reborn and infused with the Light of Hysh during the defense of the Oak of Ages from Be’lakor and his daemonic assault.  Teclis did this all in secret, nearing the heavy burden of his choices to save the world.  Tyrion took the field astride Malhandir and where he walked daemons died in droves as his aura became the anathema of all things Chaos.  While Tyrion returned as an avenging angel he remained sullen with the shame of all he had done before being reborn.  He knew he could never wash the blood from his hands nor would he be able to mend the relationships between himself and Alarielle, but he continued to be the hero was always meant to be and played his part to save the world.

It would all be for naught, however, as during the final climactic moments the gathered Incarnates of Magic were betrayed by consumed Mannfred von Carstein who slew Balthasar Gelt as they attempted to close the newly formed Chaos Rift.  Teclis, already wielding two of the winds of magic out of necessity attempted to grab the Wind of Chamon as Belthasar died.  This was more than his body could handle and his body disintegrated from the power.  Tyrion, in his grief at seeing his brother’s demise, slew Mannfred as the realization set in that they had all failed.  As the rift began to grow Tyrion looked on at the unknown, but he was not alone in those final moments.  Alarielle took his hand and while their relationship was irreversibly damaged there was still a connection between the two and together the Chaos Rift engulfed the pair.

Tyrion would next awake in Hysh after an unknown amount of time had passed.  Together with his brother and his faithful mount Malhandir Tyrion explored this new existence.  He was not sure how they made it through, but it was likely due to their connection with the wind of Hysh that coalesced to form the realm they found themselves.  Tyrion was blind however but found he could see through his brother's eyes and that the twins were even more connected than ever before as both were the gods of light in this new plane.  They would encounter Sigmar in time as they searched for any sign of the survival of their race and join his pantheon.

I imagine Tyrion would find joy in seeing Alarielle having survived, but as she was more in tune with nature as she was the goddess of life he would find sadness in knowing there was no going back to the way everything used to be in The World That Was.  The Pantheon would fail and Tyrion would return with his brother to their realm.  He would assist in the capture of Slaanesh and the collecting of devoured souls to recreate the Aelven race as he sees fit, but up until this point, we do not know exactly what that means.  Tyrion will one day return in force to the realm, but we will have to wait to see exactly what that means for the future of the realms.

Tyrion is still a mystery, but one the one thing for certain is that he will be a powerful force
When he returns.  Over his long history, he grew into a legendary hero among his kind to eventually fall to the Curse of Khaine and become the monster he feared most.  While the Curse has been burned from his soul I do wonder if there is even the smallest hint of darkness still within him?  Does that duality still linger and does he fear that it may one day resurface?  Time will tell, but he is one of my favorite characters and I for one cannot wait to see the realm of light open and for his full return to the gaming table.

Happy Hobbying.

Chuck Moore