Friday, December 6, 2019

The M&M Wargame

Hey everyone!  Today I want to share a game with you all that was taught to me by my grandfather well before I knew anything about wargaming.  In hindsight this was likely a tactic to help me entertain myself while visiting my grandparents, but it truly was my first wargame and after showing a few folks at a recent event, who really enjoyed it, I wanted to take some time to teach the game here on my blog (and possibly on my YouTube channel at a later date) for you all to enjoy.  I present to you the rules for the M&M Wargame!

The game requires a single bag of regular M&M's and can be played solo or with up to six other people! You can potentially use other types of M&M candies, but the odd shapes may create a bit more inbalance to determining results during the game.

Step 1: To begin you need to get yourself a bag of M&Ms and a flat space to play!

Step 2: Next, separate out the six colors of M&Ms into their own respective Armies (by color) and assign, as evenly as possible, all colors amongst the players.

Step 3: Take one (1) M&M Piece of each color and "roll" them in the center area known as the Battlefield If the M symbol is up then the Piece survives the duel.  Any Pieces showing the blank side are slain and can be eaten (split amongst the players if not playing solo).  Repeat this step until there is only one Piece left alive.  It is possible for all Pieces to be slain at the same time  If there is a lone survivor it earns an Advantage for the Army in the next phase and will not need to roll in the next phase which is a repeat of Step 3*.

Step 3.5: Repeat Step 3 with new Pieces until there is either a single M&M color left alive.

Step 4: The winner is the M&M Army color that is left after all other colors have been slain.  It is possible that all M&M colors can be slain simultaneously and the game results in a draw.

*There are two variants to the game with this step that can change how long the game plays.  You can opt to either eat the surviving M&Ms or replace the surviving piece in the Army pile.

If you play during the holidays you can also pick up packages that are only two colors for those large scale candy wargame needs!  Give it a try for a bit of fun and share this around so everyone can get their wargaming fix in their days with this fun little wargame.  Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore