Thursday, July 30, 2020

The Iliathan Luminescence

Hey Everyone!  Today I wanted to introduce you to the character I have created for my new Luminth Realm-Lords army.  Ami'le The Immortal (based off Amy Lee of Evanescence) is a High-Warden from The Great-Nation of Iliatha and is in search of her unknown Clone-Twin while also fighting to halt Chaos whoever it may spread.  I hope you enjoy this short piece about my new character.

Ami’le The Immortal sat cross-legged in meditation during the early Hyshian hours.  There was no sunrise to mark the time of day in Hysh, but those born in the realm had other means to mark the passage of days in their home.  Ami’le had always been an early morning riser ever since her clone-birth.  The morning was a quiet time which she embraced the silence.

Her meditation always began the same as her mind raced to sort and quiet the distractions of daily life as a High Warden Sentinel of the Great-Nation of Iliatha.  Thoughts of the men and women under her command flashed within her mind’s eye being compartmentalized in pairs.  One twin with the other.  Some were natural birth twins while others, like herself, were Clone-Twins.

“No…not like me…” Ami’le thought to herself as grounded herself once again.  

Ami’le was a Clone-Twin like many others in her land, but she did not know her counterpart.  She had no memory of her Clone-Twin, but she had a few clues.  Her crown, weapon, and of course her own face to pointed to a common theme.  It was as clear as Hyshian Light that her Clone-Twin was a worshipper of the dead god Khaine, but there were so many of that lot it was impossible to tell from which of their many Temples they might have originated.  She could not explain the feeling, but she knew that her Clone-Twin still lived within The Mortal Realms.

Despite herself, Ami’le felt anger and passion swelling up from deep within her soul as she delved deeper inward on her meditation.  The tase of blood began forming within her mouth.  Ami’le felt words being pulled from her voice outside of her own volition.  

“Khaine be praised.” She said mouthing the words without giving them a voice.

Her mind ran away from her body to an unknown realm which she saw through another’s eyes in the heat of battle.  Blood bathed the land as hordes of Witch Aelves butchered some unlucky foe.  She felt the warmth of blood wash across her as she watched the owner of the body cut and slash primary arteries with perfect practice.  

Suddenly Ami’le’s mind snapped back into her body, filling it painfully quick.  She opened her eyes letting the light of Hysh fill her eyes as trying to shake off the feeling of being covered head to toe in blood.  She let her mind unpack the vision and the fact she likely saw through her Clone-Twins eyes in real-time.  A shiver ran down her spine as she realized that she suddenly missed the feeling of warm blood being sprayed across her body and the feeling it was bringing to life.