Sunday, July 26, 2020

The Tayrathian Cult comes to Animosity 2!

Animosity 2, a fan-driven global narrative event is in its beginning phases and so far the chat on discord has been nonstop and it has really helped get my creative juices flowing!  Today I want to share with you all my introductory narrative for the event as well as a new character within my Daughters of Khaine army.  Be sure to jump in on the event if you are not already and please enjoy this little narrative for the event!

The Tayrathian Reveal

Khyra felt a deep chill along her body as she slithered along the path with her retinue toward the shore of Lake Bykaal.

“Khaine’s bloody heart it is cold in this cursed place.”  Khyra said to no one in general.  A few of her sisters nodded in silent agreement, but they dared not give voice to their complaints.

Tayrathi having committed to offering a small force to the growing animosity in the region sent Khyra and a small force of Melusai and Khinerai to assist, and keep a close eye on, The Slaughterqueen Arali Heartsbane.  Tayrathi wasn’t sure if this upstart Khainite would be a problem or an ally.  Khyra did not care either way, but her High Priestess sent her as representative of The Tayrathian Cult and to report on the action of Arali Heartsband and she would not fail The Tayrathian.

They were close enough to The Shore of Sightless Faces, the rally point of The Pilgrimage, and even though the location could not be seen yet Khyra was able to taste the telltale scent of blood sacrifice in the air.

“Caution sisters.  Our Khainite “allies” have been busy making themselves at home already.”  Khyra warned as she caught a few other strange scents on the wind.  “It would seem they are either slaying a plethora of victims or they have made friends with some unusual factions.”  Khyra could feel her sister’s tension and excitement rise as the scents hit them in turn.  Regardless of the upcoming events and their outcome, there would be plenty of “fun” to enjoy.

“Hag Queen Khyra.” Spoke on a returning Khinerai landing gracefully as she returned from her forward scouting.  “We are getting near and should begin masking our appearance.”

Khyra paused, her retinue following her lead and halting their march. Her mind recalled a final set of written instructions given to her by Tayrathi herself.

“The Tayrathian Cult will no longer hide their Meulsai and Khinerai sisters.  For too long have the Daughters of Khaine kept their appearance a secret.  No longer shall we hide our full might.  Our Cult’s openness in this matter will begin with you Khyra.  Show them all the strength and purity of those who worship Khaine!”  
~High Priestess Tayrathi Bloodsilver

Khyra turned to face her sisters who patiently waited for her to speak.

“No longer shall we hide sisters, by order of The Tayrathian we will fight and live in the openness of who we are and show all The Realms the glory of Khaine!”  Khyra explained with rising confidence, inspiring the Daughters of Khaine under her command.

The gathered force of Tayrathian Melusai and Khinerai let out warcries showing their support for The Tayrathian’s decree.  All understood they had a rare honor despite any hardship it may bring and not a single one was ready to fail their High Priestess.

Khyra smiled menacingly seeing the reflection of her pride in all of her gathered sisters.  The Tayrathian Cult had come to Lake Bykaal and with them the promise of a bloody and bright future!