Friday, December 10, 2021

REVIEW: Templar Objective Markers for AoS and 40k

Hello Everyone!  Today I am very excited to bring you another review of an excellent new product to the blog.   The team over at Templar Objective Markers reached out to me not long ago and asked if I would take a look at their Objective markers for both Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40k.  There is currently a Kickstarter for the Objective markers if you are interested in jumping on board.  Having played on and with the markers from The Honest Wargamer and Facehammer, both of which are quality products themselves, I can say there are some nice improvements to the kit from Templar that are well worth a look.  

The kit itself comes with the Objective Markers, single-use sticky pads that help keep the markers in place on the tabletop as well as a guide on what everything is in case this is your first time using this type of game aid.  There will also be a nice slipcase for them as well in the final product, but due to the nature of having an early copy that bit was not able to be part of what I am reviewing here today, but a nice way to transport these will be great as bending or creasing any product such as this will likely cause some damage as these markers are made to be as slim as possible and unobtrusive to the game while still assisting with easy scoring.  That isn't to say they are not durable as they do have some nice features I have only seen on the Templar markers such as the Anti-Scratch coating. This coating is a great improvement to what is on the market so far as the sliding of models is very common and the clearer these markers stay the better they look!

I was very impressed with how protected the markers were with their packaging when they arrived.  Each marker has protective film on both sides that are easy to peel and keep the clear part so the markers remained crystal clear during transportation.  The single-use sticky pads came in their own plastic sealable bag as well so they didn't get lost and were easy to find quickly.  More importantly, the sticky pads will be in even better packaging on final release from what I have been told!

The single-use sticky pads did their job very well to boot.  They are almost as clear as the markers themselves and a single pad in the center held the marker snugly in place.  They clung to the marker a bit more than the FLG mat I was using so if you are careful you could likely get a few rounds in on a single sticky pad without much issue.  You do need to be a bit careful when removing the sticky pad from the marker as to not accidentally damage the marker.  Please note that the sticky pads are as always optional and are simply an added feature to use only if you wish to do so.  The sticky pads didn't leave any residue after they were removed which is a nice touch of care put into the coating chosen for the products.

On the table, the markers simply work.  They look great, they stay put, and they remove the ambiguity of measuring to objectives without taking anything away from the game and how it looks as you play. The ring designs are simple and the yellow and blue color mix lets you see at a glance what modes are in and which are out.  I also have to call out how having a small crosshair in the dead center of the marker is one of its best features.  There was no guessing on where they were to be placed after measuring the objective locations with this nice feature. 

At the highest level, these markers are similar to products you can buy over at The Honest Wargamer and Facehammer, but the more you dive down there are a number of quality improvements in the ones from Templar that I am a fan of the more I play with them.  Improvements such as these are great for us as consumers as they will only help improve the level of care and quality put into gaming aids and I can very much recommend the Templar Objective Markers for use on your tabletops.  They plan to use these at AoS Worlds and I have no doubt you will see them out in the wild in the near future at many events, clubs, and home tables.

At the time of this article posting, there are still 20 days left to go on the Kickstarter for these lovely markers and I am happy to say they have well exceeded their goal already!  It would be well worth your time to head over there and check out more about these markers and back them for yourself if you see them as a fit for your gaming table.  I am very much a fan and if you get a set for either Age of Sigmar or Warhammer 40k you will not be disappointed in the slightest.

Happy Hobbying and stay Stormcast Strong!

Chuck T. Moore