Monday, August 9, 2021

Army Lore: D'ua Lipana, The Sanguine Priestess

Hey Everyone!  Today I want to show off a bit of lore for my new Khrone Hero!  I have had a Khrone army for Age fo Sigmar for quite a while, but I never gave them a proper leader, but that has finally changed.   D'ua Lipana, The Sanguine Priestess is a fallen Khainite who has found, what she believes, to be the true god of murder!  As usual, she is based on one of my favorite Pop Stars and this time the base of the character is Dua Lipa!  I hope you enjoy this early draft of lore and as always stay Stormcast Strong Happy Hobbying!

                        D'ua Lipana, The Sanguine Priestess

Eyes dilated, heart-pumping furiously, nostrils flared, she brought her ax down on the kneeling enemy before her with the force of an Orruk Warmaster.  First the shoulder split, then the sternum, the weapon's momentum finally halting before completely bisecting the foe.  The head was left untouched...

Blood sprayed up in a high arc, almost unnaturally.  A boon from her god perhaps for leaving an enemy’s skull intact perhaps.  She cared not for skulls at all, Khorne could have them all as far as she was concerned.  The blood was what she was after on the field of battle and Khorne would give her more than enough.  Much more than her previous god…

D'ua Lipana, The Sanguine Priestess surveyed the remnants of battle around her.  She and the forces of Khorne had slaughtered the human militia force with relative ease.  Easily enough that she felt anger bubble up within her as being denied a better battle.  Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the Hyshian sun reflection on a pool of blood, and her mind was jarringly thrown to her past life.  Her life in service of Khaine and High Priestess Morathi was one of the many Khinerai of the Hagg Nar Temple.

D'ua Lipana had been there when Morathi became Morathi-Khaine.  She had witnessed the rebirth of a god in blood and shadow, but in that battle to protect the Morathi and the Mathcoir from the Idoneth Deepkin and loathsome Followers of Slaanesh she became fully lost in the shedding of her enemy’s blood.  She was euphoric as her blade cut arteries with each strike and in that madness, she saw past the false idol Khaine and succumbed to the true song of Khorne.  She looked upon the stolen and shallow mantle Morathi-Khaine wore and fled in the confusion, eventually attracting a band of like-minded followers of The Blood God.

It felt like an age ago to her now, but in all likelihood, it hadn’t been more than a few years at most.  Time had lost meaning to her other than to mark the space between her battles.  A lot had changed with her since then as well, instead of sleek blades, she wielded a thick shield and a brutal ax.  No longer lightly armored she now wore full plate.  Her strength had increased so much that she didn’t feel the weight of her new war gear.  Now taller and broader of shoulder than any of her kind she was now a force to be reckoned with in battle as opposed to a hit and run style of war she once knew.  

There was also the burning hot rage deep within her that was never-ending.  She was a true champion of Khorne and she would drown the Mortal Realms in blood.