Saturday, February 4, 2023

The Ride of The Doomfires and Unexpected Allies...

 Hey All!  Today I wanted to bring you a bit of new Tayrathi lore I wrote in preparation for this weekend's Brewhammer Tournament!  It is a short piece, but it was nice to flex my narrative a bit once more and I hope to continue adding to Tayrathis tale in the coming months.  For now please enjoy this bit of fin narrative about my army for the event and wish me luck in my games as I push to give it my all with a full competitive focus going into this event!

  Tayrathi ducked as the giant blade swung inches above her head nearly killing her instantly.  With a flick of her wrist, she sent her whip wrapping around the chaos warrior's neck, pulling hard she dragged him close while her bloody sickle disemboweled him, spilling his guts to the ground.  As the warrior tried desperately to shove his innard back in as he died Tayrathi took a moment to survey the swirling melee of the battlefield.  

    She didn't like what she saw… 

“Too many of my sisters have fallen to these chaos mongrels…”  She said angrily.

    The command to retreat was upon Tayrathi’s lips, but a figure appeared in the corner of her vision that made her immediately turn and come on guard.  Tayrthi relaxed as she locked eyes with the figure who stood calmly before her.  Charlébron, the former male Hag Queen of her Cult, smiled calmly at his mistress.

“High Priestess Tayrathi.  It is good to look upon you once more.”  He said with reverence.

“I appreciate the sentiment, but in case you haven’t noticed we are in the middle of a losing battle my former acolyte…”  Tayrathi retorted.

“Lost?  Not quite yet.  I come with allies you have long neglected.  I hope it makes amends for my failure to serve you and Khaine to my fullest potential.”  Charlébron exclaimed with a slight bow.

Before Tayrathi could question him further the distinct sound of thundering hooves overwhelmed her auditory senses.  She turned to see more Doomfire Warlocks charging into the fray with spells on their fingers and crossbow bolts peppering the chaos warriors.  In a few moments, the unstoppable calvary shifted a total loss into a victory.  Tayrathi smiled at the sight of the charge and the thrill of victory for her cult.

“Your arrival is most fortunate Charlébron.  Have you any other surprises you brought with you?”  Tayrahti said with a hint of sarcasm.

“I do in fact.  I bring word from your Soulbond sister…Lanissa sends a message…”  Charlébron responded matter of factly.

Tayrathi let the words hang in the air for a moment as memories of Lanissa flooded back into her mind.  This was a matter best handled behind closed doors and not on the battlefield…