Monday, January 30, 2023

Weekly Hobby Update 1.30.23

 Happy Monday everyone!  This past week saw the Las Vegas Open 2023 come and go!  First off I want to congratulate all the players, TO's, and attendees for filling my feed with Warhammer goodness!  Not to mention those attending the other great events like Holy Wars bringing us tons of narrative pictures throughout the weekend!  With a big event like LVO comes a great reveal show and I wanted to briefly touch on the surprise Daughters of Khaine warband announced for Underworlds!  I am so excited for them as they are the first true surprise release I have seen in quite a while and I cannot wait to paint them up for my ever-growing Tayrahtian Cult!

This past week also saw me finally begin my painted model tally sheet for 2023 with an addition to my Path to Glory Ironjaws force.  The recent point changes meant his unit of Brutes fits in nicely to have the army sit at a nice 1000pts.  They are fun and quick to paint up to a tabletop level and it felt good getting those first painted models completed.

With the hobby mojo finally flowing with the paintbrush I also added more color to my Catahcan Crusade army as well.  While I have no rush or deadline to complete this army it is always nice to see progress as it is motivation to continue doing more and more until you find yourself with a completed army.  Hopefully, this week will see even more paint on the army as a whole.

Not just successful painting this past week as right near the end of it I snuck in a 40k game with my friend.  His Deathguard ran up against my Ynnari and nice evening of rolling dice.  I always love getting m Ynnari on the board!

The last bit of my hobby purchases arrived this week as well.  Some Duardin I plan to use some as part of my upcoming Fyreslayer army as the models themselves or possibly some fun kitbashes and the new Generals Handbook.  I am very happy the new GHB arrived as this coming weekend is Brewhmmr 2023 and the more prep I can put in the better prepared I can be for my first tournament of the year!

It can't all be just my hobby however as my next terrain project for the Games Workshop US Opens arrived suddenly.  It seems Killteam is very popular with the attendees, and a need to expand quickly is urgent.  Thankfully these will paint up very quick and easily for Killteam gaming once I can get a day to prime them.

A short but busy week this week as I also had to contend with a stomach bug that hit my household.  It was short and nasty, but it is through and it means my focus can be on all things Warhammer going into this week as well as getting back to the gym after an unexpected week off due to the illness.  

Have a great week everyone and as always, stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!