Monday, February 20, 2023

Weekly Hobby Update 2.20.23

 Happy Monday friends!  With a new week underway it is time I do my regular weekly hobby update from the prior week and boy is there a lot!  Warhammer Fest and US Event Kill Team terrain is taking up the bulk of it, but hopefully with a solid push this week I can be back to working on my own armies here soon!

This year's massive terrain build is well underway as I spent last week priming all the build pieces of terrain, except for Killteam which was easier to paint on the sprue. It took a full two days to prime everything and thankfully the weather cooperated, minus a bit of wind, as I had a massive group hobby day planned to work through it all over the weekend.

The hobby day was long, but tremendous progress was made thanks to my wonderful friends and club mates both near and far who showed up to work through the mountain of terrain.  I usually like to tackle these projects all alone, but with repeated offers to help I am glad I accepted as there was a lot more work than I expected.  It will be done on time though so please look forward to it all at Warhammer Fest ( and US Open events for Killteam).

I did find time as my weekly Warhammer night for a few games as well.  I took my Dwarfs out for a game in WHFB, but due to some poor planning and deployment on my part, it ended very badly for my Dawi and another name was added to my book of grudges.  I also borrowed a club mate's 25 power level Space Wolves to run against a Tau army and it sent as well as you might expect with the Tau shooting the wolves off quickly.  Still good to roll dice even if the games didn't go my way.

A quick fitness check-in this week as I was working through an injury I got at the end of last week.  I am happy to say I am feeling worlds better and excited to get back to my gym program and routine this week so keep an eye out for that on my social media feeds!

One last bit of hobby is the arrival of my recent purchase of Arks of Omen Angron.  I have to say after a disjointed and short narrative in the first book I am very pleased with how well this one flowed and its increased length.  No spoilers here, but some big things happening in the 41st!

Thats my past week and it is likely this coming week will be very similar as I push to finish the terrain I have on my plate (there is still a bit more delivering soon) and squeeze in a game to two as I can at club night!  Have a great week of hobby everyone and Stay Stormcast Strong!