Monday, February 27, 2023

Weekly Hobby Update 2.27.23

 Hello Everyone and Happy Monday!  I hope you had a great week of hobby and fitness or doing whatever you chose to fill your time with for the past seven days.  Terrain building has continued at a breakneck pace and the end is finally in sight.  I have also healed up enough to head back into the gym this past week which has been wonderful for my mental health.  Let's dive into my prior week and be sure to check out what eight boxes of Boarding Actions terrain looks like on my local group's table below!

The Warhammer Fest Terrain I had on my plate is finally done, thanks to some wonderful friends helping me out, and boxed up to ship out here in the near future. With that project complete I was able to request aid once again to work through a bunch of Boarding Action/Killteam terrain for us in the US events!  I am happy to say that terrain is going much quicker than expected and we have completed the first wave of boxes sent.  Now to wait for the second wave to arrive so it can be knocked out just as quick in time for use at Adepticon this year!

This past weekend saw my club's monthly game day.  There was lots of Warcry and 40k happening on our tables and we had a few new faces as well.  It is always great to see new folks coming in to play and learn new strategies through gaming with them all while the club grow!


Fitness this past week has been excellent.  I did ease back in after a small injury, but having my gym partner and friend Aleks there to support and cheer me on while I do the same for him is always a great feeling.  Its good to be back in the gym and watching the weights go up once again.

I did manage to get a few games in this week as well.  My Dwarfs took on the Ogres once again in some Warhammer Fantasy Battles and faired much better this time due to some tweaks to the list and better deployment on my end.  I also got a game of Warcry in during the club day and I was thrilled to relearn this game as I always forget how quick and fun it can be to play.  My final game of the week was in 40k against my gym bro Aleks in his new house!  My Ynnari took on his Orks in a blood game!

I hope you have a great week this week everyone and as always, stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!