Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Weekly Hobby Update 3.13.23 (3.14.23)

Hey Everyone!  Happy Tuesday as this post is a day late.  Yesterday was my birthday and with all the fun planned I decided to take an extra day with getting this weekly post together.  To kick things off strong for last week's hobby I picked up a classic item with the Tomb Kings Magic Cards for my, soon to be, 8th edition Tomb Kings Army.  They arrived from Noble Knight games in perfect condition and at a fair price and I couldn't be more excited for this army to be completed.  Now on to the rest of my prior week of hobby.

I got in another weekly game of Warhammer Fantasy, a much more common occurrence than I would have anticipated ever having again with this game, but I am having a blast with it so no need to slow down.  My Dwarfs took the field again, but this time against a Khorne list for another great game.  I think I might pull out my Dark Elves though for this coming week's gaming to mix it up a bit.

This past weekend also saw my monthly Club Day and this month we ran Age of Sigmar, Warcry, and Warhammer Fantasy.  A good turnout and plenty of great games were had by all and for good measure, since I was the odd man out I took the time to sort all the terrain, but table so our set up and tear down of games will be much more seamless going forward.

A quick Fyreslayer update as well this past week as painting began in earnest on my newest army.  The Faction Terrain, Invocations, and my leader are all painted up and ready to go.  Now comes the hard part with 40 infantry models in need of paint.  I did manage to get the flesh color and shade down so time for endless detail work to get them ready for the table in the next month or two.

With the army progressing smoothly I am looking forward to some upcoming smaller projects once it is all done.  There are some key units I want to add to a few of my armies and the coming months will be the perfect time for one-off projects like that so keep an eye out for it here.  Although the theme of Dwarfs might be around for a bit longer though.

Happy Hobbying and Stay Stormcast Strong.