Monday, April 17, 2023

Weekly Hobby Update 4.17.23

Hey all and Happy Monday!  I hope you had a great week of hobby and life!  I had an enjoyable week myself including a Bloof Angel commission you can see right below for my FLGS.  It was some proper Old Hammer work and it went quick and was quite enjoyable!  To see the rest of the week check out after the break!

Hobby this past week saw, what I feel, is the end of my Dwarf/Duardin vacation that I have been on for the past few weeks/months.  I added a few more Thunderers to my Kharadon Army (complete with kitbashing) as well as a Gyrobomber for my Fantasy Dwaf Army.  Sensing the need to paint up an elf I kitbashed a model for my Fantasy Dark Elves with Tullaris Dreadbringer and seeing how he had no official model I feel the conversion I made is a nice representation of The Hand of Khaine

The commission in the header earned me a mighty reward from my FLGS.  Miners, Flame Canon, and a Bolt Thrower (all painted) to add to my Dwarf army.  A bit of rebasing and they were good to go for some games in the future!  With these in my collection, I am only missing Thorgrim Grudgebearer for my 8th edition Dwarf Army, perhaps one day I will add him and complete it all!


While my preorder experience for The Lion did not go well (I didn't get one, but might see if my FLGS has any coming in spare) I was motivated to pull out all my Dark Angels to take stock of what I have and think about where I might want to go next.  I also used this as an excuse to touch up the basing a bit with a quick wash to get a bit more depth.  I might add a few grass tufts in the future to really spice them up more.

I managed a great game of Age of Sigamr this week at the Barn with my weekly crew.  My Fyreslayers, with Gotrek, ran against a very fun and unique Sons of Behemat list.  It was a scary list to line up against, but Gotrek did solid work to help me win the day!

I hope you had a good week and had better luck with your preorders this past weekend (also that Games Workshop gets a better system in place going forward for these big releases).  Let's go crush this week and until next time, stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!