Monday, June 19, 2023

Weekly Hobby Update 6.19.23

 Happy Monday everyone and Happy Juneteenth and Father's Day to the fathers from yesterday!  I apologize in advance as these posts are fewer hobby updates as of late and more just weekly life updates, but that's where I am at currently so if you are staying for these posts thank you for joining my journey, even if the hobby part of it is the tiniest bit as of late.  From the best Concert of my life to, fitness and Street Fighter as well as a bit of hobby check after the break.

This past Saturday I attended the Taylor Swift Era's Tour in Pittsburgh, PA alongside 72,000+ fans and had the time of my life.  The experience was incredible and I am blessed to have had the chance to be there and experience it all from the floor section in the middle of it all.  I won't be shutting up about this for a while and if you are a Swiftie like myself check out my Instagram to see even more from the show.  Almost a four-hour show being on our feet and singing our hearts out is a memory I will never let go of all my life.

Fitness continues well as the weights were feeling back to their usual heaviness and I was feeling strong once again!  I am still enjoying 3 days a week in a traditional Push/Pull/Legs program. It is simple and effective!

Hobby did actually happen and while I didn't get any games in at my weekly game night I did take time this week to continue trying to decide on High Elves or Dark Elves for Old World and made up a few Grudge Books for Matt and Neil and their Kharadron OVerlords armies for the upcoming Nashcon event in a few months!

Street Fighter 6 had a small update as well!  I continue to get more and more in a groove and while it isn't much I do have Cammy into the Bronze Tier now and the time to grind is about to really begin and work my way to Silver!

Have a great week everyone and until next week Happy Hobbying and Stay Stormcast Strong!