Monday, June 19, 2023

The Butcher's Bill and Defense of Tayrathian Temple

Hello everyone!  Today I have some more Tayrathi Lore for you all!  In the recent White Dwarf #488 there is a narrative flashpoint campaign between the Daughters of Khaine and Ogor Mawtribes!  This supplement sees the Ogors on a warpath to Har Kuron and puts the location of The Tayrathian Cult, The Brutos Hills, right in the center of the conflict.  As such I planned a game night with my local Ogor player Brad to see how it plays out.  Check out the lore in setup for the campaign below and you can expect a follow-up narrative with the aftermath here soon!

    The earth trembled yet again causing dust to fall from the stone above Tayrathi.  It covered the map on the table by her side in a thin veil she quickly brushed aside as she studied the map once again.  The Ogor’s were on a warpath to Har Kuron, Morathi-Khaine’s reclaimed city.  Their rampage and odd magics were causing regular earthquakes and scalding waves of red liquid to erupt from the ground seemingly at random.

    “Why now of all times?” Tayrahti questioned her empty war room, her brow furrowing for the hundredth time this day.

    Tayrathi’s scouts were sending regular reports of the Ogor’s movements and despite Har Kuron being the obvious target their warpath was bringing them directly through the Brutos Hills area of Aqshy, and the Tayrathian Temple’s hidden location within the hills.  At first, she had hoped to hide as the enemy moved through and eventually break the siege of Har Kuron once she deemed it fit for her to do so, but now it appeared that more direct action would be required.  

    “You may enter,”  Tayrathi said, sensing the delicate footfalls of one of her flock from outside as she continued studying the map.  “In Khai…Morathi-Khaine’s name you better bring me some good news….”

    Tayrathi’s eyes darted up to the newcomer, betraying her own surprise with her expression.  Lanissa Bloodparch, the former member of The Tayrathian Cult, approached Tayrathi with a smile on her face.

    “High Priestess Tayrathi.  It is my joy to be in your presence again”  Lanissa stated as she dropped to one knee, bowing her head in deference.  

    Tayrathi let the silence linger until a small quake running across the stonework released the tension.  “Welcome home my daughter.  How goes the rebellion for your home?”  Tayrathi questioned.

    Lanissa pouted, spitting out her response. “That battle is over…despite what the flame in the hearts of all true children of Anvilguard.”

Sensing an opportunity Tayrathi pressed further.  “I am sorry my daughter.  What of your Warband?  Does it still exist?”

    “We have disbanded with most settling back in Har Kuron quietly or searching for a new start in Hammerhall-Aqshy, a fair number travel with me to your halls willing to fight and die in your name and in Khaine’s.  I do not know where or what has become of my Soulbinding, but I still feel their connection so they continue to live.”  Lanissa replied solemnly and after a moment's hesitation continued.  “We continue a secret network of communication, however, just in case…”

    “All sons and daughters of Khaine are welcome in my halls.”  Tayrathi proclaimed.  “  I am glad you are well and offer you praise for your devotion to Anvilgard.  Despite abandoning the cult your past sins are now forgiven by me and by Khaine.  There is no time to rest though, the Ogors are on their way to Har Kuron, and this temple standing in their way.  Ready those who are with you and prepare to set out to face them within the day.”

    Lanissa felt a weight lift from her shoulders, standing to face Tayrathi feeling taller than she had in quite some time.  “As you wish High-Priestess.  Khaine be praised.”  With a turn, Lanissa left Tayrathi for her battle-planning and began making her own preparations for war.


Having failed to hold the Temple Tayrathi and as much of her cult as possible escaped with the assistance of the Kharadron Overlords of FLeet Maxa’Va.  A timely, but likely costly, deal orchestrated by the returned exile Lanissa Blood Parch.  Time will tell what is owed, but for now, Tayrathi, and her cult are safe.