Monday, September 11, 2023

Weekly Hobby Update 9.11.23

 Hey Everyone!  I hope Monday has gone well with you and you can excuse the late-in-the-day posting of my weekly hobby update!  It was a great week and a busy start this week, but I wanted to get this post out on time so please enjoy.  Having recently gotten the new Cities of Sigmar box you would think Aos would be all my hobby, but while it was top of mind it was Fantasy that took center stage.  Check it out after the break.

This week began with the painting of my latest Tayrathi model called "Tayrathi, The Asur Era" which will be my main character for the upcoming Warhammer The Old World.  While we wait for The Old World to arrive I put her on the classic 8th-ed base size to field her in my regular Fantasy games in the meantime.  I also took my old Dark Aelf models from my Cities of Sigmar and began rebasing them back into Fantasy to make room for a new CIties project coming soon.  I also had a few new models to paint for my Dark Elf army that I got built and primed at the same time!

If all of that wasn't enough the latest Warhammer US Open project arrived so stay tuned for those project updates in the near future.

Fitness this past week continues to be solid.  I love my bodybuilding program and getting to run into my gym bro Aleks is always a blessing!

Games from this past week were all fantasy-focused with a fantasy club day.  Tayrathi and my High Elves took on some Chaos Warriors and Dark Elves and took a win in both games!  Not bad for her first outing so to celebrate I took a few trophies to put on her base to remember her first games in this army!

A busy week of Warhammer is ahead and I hope your week is full of Warhammer as well. Until next week Stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!