Monday, October 16, 2023

Weekly Hobby Update 10.16.23

 Hello and Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you had a great week and enjoyed all the reveals for Warhammer Day this past weekend!  If you want to watch some in-depth reviews of the reveals feel free to check out Warhammer Weekly where I was a guest for the reveals!  To kick off the hobby this week I shift focus to Taylor Swift and the recently released Eras Tour Film.  I spent time making Friendship bracelets for the show and I have to say it was harder than expected, but a fun and different hobby experience.

The Taylor Swift Eras Tour Film was a great experience and while it will never be the same as the event itself it was fun to relive my time at the show through the silver screen.  Well worth a watch or two in theaters! 

Warhammer hobby from the past week was purely focused on my Living Cities army.  I managed to finish building and kitbashing all the models from the Limited Box as well as picking up a Treelord Ancient to bring the army up to the 1000pt mark.

Street Fighter 6 was more focused on the daily online tournaments and I am happy to see continued progress as I continue to practice and throw myself into these little events.  

Fitness last week was excellent with a lifting session with my buddy Aleks and a nice Cardio session with my wonderful wife.  It was great to stay moving and I am looking forward to more moving this week!

I managed one game this past week with my friend Mark with some Age of Sigmar.  It was a great game with the goal of teaching the game in more depth and I am loving getting more games in with my DoK as of late.

A short week for the hobby, but a good one as always.  See you next week and Stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!