Monday, October 23, 2023

Weekly Hobby Update 10.23.23

Hello and happy Monday all!  It's time to recap my week in Warhammer goodness.  Despite a Work Conference, I managed a nice week of Warhammer and fun.  First up is a picture from my WHFB 8th ed game with my buddy Aleks as we prepare for the upcoming Square-Based GT in November.  We started small, but we have more practice in the future to get some reps in before the big event in the frozen North.

This past weekend was my local Club Day as well.  Being an open day we have Age of Sigmar, 40k, and some Bolt Action games going on all at once.  I took the time to quickly paint up the last few 40k terrain pieces that were bare plastic for the group.  Made for a good day with the group!

Fitness last week was interrupted a bit by the Work Conference, but I still got in 3 workouts to keep on the process.

Street Fighter 6 saw the final tournaments for the current event wrap up.  It was great to play this game in a tournament setting, even if just online, and it really helped and frustrated me in equal measure.  Time to continue improving before the next tournaments in the future.

My other hobby projects are all over the place at the moment with my new Living Cites army sitting at a nice 1000pts all ready to paint and some more Sylvaneth arriving in the mail alongside the new Space Marne Codex.  Not pictured here are the remaining models I needed for my Napoleonic army all sorted out as that army awaits its turn in the hobby queue.

I did receive more models from my commissioned Ynnari army this past week.  With the Wraithknight and towering rules being a mess to deal with, I wanted to add enough to the force to avoid including the model if I chose to do so and I am happily at that point now with the latest additions.

US Open 40k Narrative terrain continues in full force.  As of now, we are fully built and mostly primed so just a whole lot of painting to be done in the coming weeks!

Have a great week everyone and until next time.  Stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!