Friday, May 10, 2019

Army Lore: H'Ka'ty The Perverse

Hey Everyone!  Today I wanted to share with you a the beginning bits of the lore around the Slaanesh army I am have been slowly creating.  True to form I have chosen a Popstar to be base my central character off of, much in the same way as Tayrathi who leads my Daughters of Khaine is based on Taylor Swift.  The leader of my Slaanesh faction with be H’Ka’ty The Perverse a Keeper of Secrets based off Katy Perry.  I plan to connect the two factions stories in way of a feud that is reminiscent between their real-life counterparts.  It's a bit of fun, but very much set in the Mortal Realms.

H’Ka’ty had always watched the dead god Khaine and his followers from the shadows.  As The World That Was burned in his wrath H’Ka’ty took delight in watching so many Aelven souls burn bright and be immediately snuffed out.  She delighted in the murder and blood, but not in the same way as the followers of Khorne do, but with joy for the excess of the passion behind the killing and bloodletting.  H’Ka’ty seeks to return Khaine and make him a consort so they may share in the grandeur of his murder-lust together.

Before she can accomplish this goal, however, there are a few who stand in her way.  The first is Morathi who keeps Khaine’s power for her own as she clutches his Iron Heart greedily.  The second is Khorne and those followers he has gifted weapons crafted from the body of Khaine himself.  Slaanesh, while a potential rival, is still absent from The Mortal Realms.  H’Ka’ty is using her god's absence in order to amass greater power to accomplish her goals, potentially aiming to take Slaanesh’s spot in the pantheon with Khaines help.  The final and most frustrating obstacle is Tayrathi Swiftheart the reborn leader of The Tayrathian Cult.  Tayrathi seeks the similar goal of reviving Khaine and together share in his bloodshed and power.  Tayrathi is getting ever closer to reaching this goal and H’Ka’ty sees her as her true rival in the revival of Khaine.  

While H’Ka’ty sees Tayrathi as her rival she is also keenly aware of how useful a tool she can be in reviving Khaine.  H’Ka’ty has, over the years, assisted Tayrathi through subtle means and manipulation to help uncover various shards of Khaine throughout the realms.  Strangely enough, it was H’Ka’ty’s direct intervention during a battle in which Tayrathi was almost slain.  H’Ka’ty in the form of an Aelf Sorcereress plucked the Hag Queen who would become Tayrathi from the battlefield as her Cauldron of Blood was being overrun.  H’Ka’ty, seeing the potential in her as a possible ally, taught her of Morathi’s betrayal to Khaine and seduced Tayrathi with the idea it was her destiny to revive Khaine.  Tayrathi set off with her divine destiny set in her mind, but she has far exceeded the role as the simple tool in which H’Ka’ty envisioned putting the two in direct conflict for Khaine’s revival.  H’Ka’ty felt she had the ability to control Tayrathi, but in her hubris managed to create a being much more powerful than even her.

While Tayrahi was growing in power H’Ka’ty remained hidden from her while working to grow her own power to combat that of Tayrathi.  H’Ka’ty put her effort into hunting down Khorne’s followers who held shards of Khaines body in their possession.  Having gathered many of these shards H’Ka’ty has fashioned herself weapons and armor to become closer to Khaine’s essence while also infusing her own into his remains to more easily corrupt him when he is remade.  However, this arrogant act has brought her presence to the attention of Tayrahi who has attuned herself to seeking the same shards of Khaine, many of which H’Ka’ty now wears.  H’Ka’ty chose to taunt Tayrathi after her reveal, even revealing the truth of being the one who set Tayrathi on her divine destiny.

Tayrathi seethes with angry as she begins mobilizing her cult to give chase and end H’Ka’ty.  While many others would fear this wrath H’Ka’ty takes delight in the excess of Tayrathi’s emotion and awaits the day when they meet on the field of battle to finally decide the fate of who will revive Khaine into The Mortal Realms.

I hope you enjoyed this little lore write up and until next week, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore