Monday, June 19, 2023

Tayrathi’s Hope - Ynnari Lore

 Hey all!  As promised her is a bit of lore around Tayrathi as she exists in her true form within the Warhammer 40,000 setting as a follow of the Ynnari.  I do plan to expand on this lore in the future, but between this and my Drukhari Tayrathi lore, I hope you enjoy the story I am working to create within the setting for my believed Tayrathi!

    It had been decades since Tayrathi made her escape from Commoragh.  She had seen the rise of Yvraine and the Ynnari with her own eyes and barely made it to the safety of her temple as chaos and death ran rampant after the fateful duel between Yvraine and Lelith Hesperex.

    Tayrathi had covertly sought out any and all info she could on the Ynnari with every asset available to her and her Wych Cult in the following years and she found a thread running through every bit of intel…Hope.

    Hope was an unknown quantity for the denizens of Commoragh and for the Aeldari as a race.  Despite having spent time within many aspects of Aeldari's life she had never seen even the tiniest shred of hope and she clung to it desperately.  Tayrathi decided to never let go of this hope and join Yvraine in her mission, but Vect was strictly opposed to this new “religion” which complicated things.

    Through many underground dealings and betrayals, Tayrathi used the powers of the Haemonculi, a group she despised with all her being, to create a perfect clone of herself, memories and all, to replace herself within her own Cult of Tayrathi while she and many of her most loyal followers offered their service and faith to the Ynnari.  She hoped that even after Vect discovered her betrayal, and he ultimately would, would accept her replacement and scheme quietly.

    Tayrathi wondered how her clone was doing more often than she liked to admit and even entertained the idea of “rescuing” her from the fate she left for her one day, but more often she accepted the grim fate that one day she would be forced to encounter and kill her clone.

For now, she simply hoped for the best for her clone and that Vect would turn a blind eye for another few decades.  Tayrathi smiled as she relished in the feeling of Hope.